Figures on Terminal 3
Terminal 3 Ansicht Suedseite

Figures on Terminal 3

Terminal 3 sets new benchmarks with, for example, capacity for 14 million passengers annually, two new piers with 24 gates and the corresponding aircraft docking positions, and over 100 check-in and luggage drop-off counters. In the following, we have collected more interesting facts and figures on the new terminal for you.

Terminal 3 will occupy an area of 90,000 square meters, or about 13 soccer fields. Altogether, however, it will comprise roughly 306,000 square meters of floor space, adding together all five above-ground and two underground levels. 

Two new piers with a total length of 1000 meters are being built for Terminal 3: Pier H, which is 400 meters long, and Pier J with a length of 600 meters.                                                                                  

Terminal 3 will boast no fewer than 24 gates along with the corresponding docking positions which are also able to accommodate today’s most advanced wide-body aircraft. 

14 million travelers will be able to fly to and from Terminal 3 each year.

Up to 100 check-in and bag drop-off counters will make sure that passengers can swiftly proceed to the gates and start their trips.

This will increase the total to more than 480 check-in counters at Frankfurt Airport. 

Up to 10 baggage carousels will form part of a sophisticated baggage conveying and sorting system that will link Terminal 3 with the other terminals and make sure that all bags quickly and reliably reach their destinations. 

Eight minutes is how long it will take to ride the new airport people mover system from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 with a stop at Terminal 2.

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