Terminal 3
Check In Terminal 3

Europe’s Most Advanced Terminal

Comfortable, fast and intuitive: air travel has never been as easy as it will be at Terminal 3. Find out how advanced technology and sleek architecture will make sure your trip gets off to an effortless and enjoyable start.

Europe’s most advanced terminal is taking shape in the south of Frankfurt Airport. The first section built will include the main building with two piers and 24 aircraft docking positions, with capacity for handling up to 14 million passengers a year. Here, on land formerly occupied by a U.S. military base, travelers will be able to quickly and directly get wherever they want or need to go within a three-level structure, aided by intuitive signage.

Instead of escalators, there will be inclined moving walkways that passengers can also use with baggage carts. All passenger areas will also feature full accessibility for persons with disabilities or special needs.

A range of pioneering innovations for everything from luggage drop-off to the security checkpoints will make traveling an even more pleasant experience. But the new terminal will not only set new standards of comfort and convenience; it will also boast an outstanding level of sustainability: thanks to energy-efficient architecture and advanced technology, almost no heating will be required. Welcome to the future!

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