Earthmoving Work
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Earthmoving Work

The initial phase for building Terminal 3 was completed in May 2016, resulting in a gigantic pit with an area of over 65,000 square meters.

Before a building can go up, first it’s necessary to dig down. And Terminal 3 is no exception. Right after the groundbreaking ceremony in October 2015, work began to excavate a huge pit with an area of 65,900 square meters and a depth of about 5.5 meters. To meet the deadline (it had to be finished within half a year), excavators shoveled up to 5500 cubic meters of soil and other material out of the large and fast-growing hole every day: enough to fill around 300 dump trucks.

The work was completed right on time. A third of the extracted earth is still on the construction site, by the way―it will be needed later for backfilling, grading roads, and creating embankments. The rest is also destined for reuse elsewhere, for instance for making concrete and landscaping.

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