Terminal 1 - Building 201
building 201

Terminal 1 - Building 201

"...where the beat goes on"

Building 201, which forms part of Terminal 1, is one of the most attractive office locations at Frankfurt Airport.

Accessible from the pre-security area, the building 201 contains 20,000 sq.m of exclusive rental space for our customers. The building has its own cafeteria with a fantastic view of the action out on the runways and apron. The VIP Service and Airport Clinic are also accommodated here. It's easy to get to Terminal 2 without getting wet by taking the overhead SkyLine train or a shuttle bus.

Completed in 1972, office building 201 features several elevators. The available rental areas are mainly on levels 4 and 7, where individual rooms can also be leased. Each level has several kitchenettes and sanitary facilities that are shared by all tenants on the same floor. It is not possible to rent kitchenettes or sanitary facilities for exclusive use.

The office rooms are equipped with wall-to-wall carpeting, interior sunblinds, and radiator heating.
The modernization project planned for 2017 will additionally enhance the building's innovative, exclusive character at an attractive location.

Exposé Building 201
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