Project Description
Gateway Gardens

Project Description

An exceptional district

By the year 2021, this site will include offices, services, hotels, conference, trade show and exhibition space, recreational facilities, bars and restaurants, and retail outlets.

The new district of Gateway Gardens is taking shape on a total of 35 hectares in plain view of Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 2. Featuring modern architecture and plenty of greenery to relax in, it opens up diverse possibilities in a high-quality urban atmosphere.

By 2021, it will include:

  • Space for offices and services
  • Hotels
  • Space for conferences, trade shows and exhibitions
  • Recreational facilities
  • Restaurants, bars and shops
  • Educational and research institutions

The goal is to shape a lively environment that will provide fresh stimulus to the region and achieve international importance.

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Gateway Gardens is backed by cooperation and commitment. Three private companies (Fraport AG, Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, OFB Projektentwicklungs GmbH) are jointly involved in the project in cooperation with the City of Frankfurt.

Gateway Gardens
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Image Copyright: Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH

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