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gateway gardens

Local Recreation and Leisure

"Out among the greenery—in the midst of life"

Everyone who explores Gateway Gardens is amazed at the cornucopia of possibilities it offers. Among other things, staff can hold outdoor meetings in the municipal forest, go jogging, or ride their bikes in nature.

The idea is to set the new district location of Frankfurt am Main apart from the city's monotonous suburban office parks.

The result is creation of a vibrant new sub-district at Gateway Gardens, a dynamic quarter with international ambience and campus character. What makes this urban district development special is that all factors that are intended to provide optimal support for the work process are realized in a single integrated approach.

At issue is the perfect blend of shopping venues, gastronomy including cafés, bars and restaurants, sports facilities such as a gym on the premises, service facilities like a day-care center, white-glove amenities, a chauffeured car service, hotels, conference venues and meeting points. Another extra amenity is the public WiFi connectivity inside the park.

Healthcare issues are already covered by the resident practitioners at Airport City. Additional medical facilities are planned directly at Gateway Gardens. Also a key element in urban planning is optimal access to public transportation, and Gateway Gardens will have its dedicated rapid transit station.

More Information: www.gateway-gardens.de

Image Copyright: Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH

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