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Time is a valuable asset

Gateway Gardens will give you and your employees extra time. You will reach your destinations quicker, no matter if you commute between near and far or home and workplace.

Gateway Gardens also straddles the “Frankfurter Kreuz” highway interchange, one of the most important transport hubs in Europe, and benefits from dedicated ramps to the motorways A3 and A5 and the B43 federal highway.

This makes Gateway Gardens the place that will spare you rush hours. Green alternatives to driving include commuter trains serving the dedicated rapid transit station and public bus lines and private shuttle buses.

Parking in Gateway Gardens

Time is valuable. And you can save a lot of it by moving to Gateway Gardens. You'll especially notice the benefits when arriving  and leaving: the district has its own access to the ''Frankfurt Highway Interchange''.

Tenants and employees can rent parking spaces on a long-term basis that are accessible from De-Saint-Exupery-Strasse.

Per hour or fraction thereof on the first day 2,50 euros  
Maximum per Day (first day) 20 euros  
Every subsequent day or fraction 20 euros  

Payment is possible in cash, Maestro debit card or with any major credit card.

Opening Hours:
The parking facility is open around the clock.

Long-term parking:
Are you a tenant or employee in Gateway Gardens and interested in renting a long-term parking space?

Please contact us:

Fraport AG
HVM-PV Parkflächenvermietung
Building 240, Level 14
60547 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 690 - 78460 or - +49 69 690 - 66535

Transportation Guide
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Image Copyright: Grundstücksgesellschaft Gateway Gardens GmbH

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