Project Description

Project Description

The successful story continues!

CargoCity Frankfurt is heading for further growth: Europe's leading cargo hub will be expanded over the next few years.

Work to build CargoCity South began in 1995, with the goal of concentrating all of the companies involved in the airfreight process chain at a single site.

Today, CargoCity South is regarded worldwide as a prime example of how to develop a successful logistical hub worldwide. The “who’s who” of the logistics sector—more than 200 companies and government agencies—operates here on 98 hectares, providing employment for over 9,000 people.

Forwarders, cargo airlines, cargo handlers, and other service providers all benefit from CargoCity South’s central location at Europe’s heart, from the availability of sufficient space for their operations, and from the site’s unbeatable intermodal transport links.
Frankfurt Airport gives them direct access to nearly 300 air destinations around the globe and is also optimally networked via the ''Frankfurt Motorway Interchange'', Europe’s most heavily trafficked road intersection.

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