Our performance profile

Our performance profile

Asset- and Property Management by Fraport

Real estate and tenant support
  • Rental and tenant mix conception
  • Rental of office, commercial, retail and parking areas
  • Credit assessment
  • Lease negotiation and conclusion
  • Rental space handover and transfer
  • Tenant commitment measures
  • Tenant support
  • Vacancy rate optimization
  • Real estate broker supervision

Supervision of technical management

  • Reporting
  • Operating Cost Analysis
  • Acquisition, optimization and commissioning of buildings
  • Maintenance planning and budgeting
  • Purchase and supplier management




  • Contract sampling and data maintenance
  • Lease contract management
  • Reporting
  • Coordination of legal cases
  • Insurance management


  • Budget planning and control
  • Rent collection and dunning
  • Accounting
  • Service charge statements and analysis


Technical control

  • Building services management system
  • Alarm systems
  • Information systems

Energy management

  • Energy consumption analysis
  • Energy saving concepts
  • Sustainability concepts

Supplementary services

  • Management concepts
  • Preparation and audit of economic plans
  • Quality control of external service providers
  • Property inspections
  • Construction coordination
  • Monitoring of legal requirements

Warranty management

  • Detection of defects
  • Control of remedy of defects




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