The Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport is the world’s most advanced facility for animals traveling by air.

Whether they are tournament horses on their way to the Olympic Games, dogs or cats heading for a holiday with their owners, rhinoceroses traveling to a zoo, or exotic tropical fish from the South Seas, every animal is treated species-appropriate.

  • The Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport, combines handling, coordination, and veterinary services under one roof.
  • A team of 25 animal attendants and freight handlers, 30 freight coordinators, and 25 veterinarians ensures proper care and treatment of feathered, four-legged, or scaly travelers. On more than 4000 square meters, 42 large animal stalls measuring up to 28 sq.m, 39 small animal kennels, special aviaries, and 18 individually temperature-controllable climate chambers provide optimal conditions for all species.
  • Consistent measures to prevent the spread of epidemics and compliance with the guidelines of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) are guaranteed. Each year more than 110 million animals travel safely, species-appropriately, and comfortably via Frankfurt Airport to destinations around the globe.
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