Airport Conference Center as your reliable partner

Airport Conference Center

Welcome to the Airport Conference Center!

The Airport Conference Center is your reliable partner for every type of event, be it a conference, a meeting, or a presentation. We take care of everything.

We provide:

  • Fast and easy booking service
  • A variety of 35 meeting rooms
  • Total cost transparency
  • Smooth processes
  • First-class service

To put it simply:

Arrive. Meet. Depart.

  • Airport Conference Center

Our focus is on you and the needs of your guests and has been for more than 25 years! To ensure that everything runs smoothly during your event at the Airport Conference Center, we will provide you with the best possible overview at all stages of planning, consulting and booking.
This means that the timely and smooth running and ultimate success of your event are guaranteed.
In line with our maxim: Arrive. Meet. Depart. Just like that.


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