Time to relax

Enjoy your stay at Frankfurt Airport


Silent Chairs

Your quiet place while waiting

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Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is a place of silence, which all passengers may use for free

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Yoga Rooms

In our Yoga rooms, you can relax and do your exercises in a meditative atmosphere before your flight

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Leisure Zones

A cozy lounge ambiance is evoked by a hardwood floor, plants, and warm lighting

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Smoking Lounges

A pleasant ambiance for smokers to enjoy

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Rooftop Open Air Deck

On our Rooftop open air deck in transit area you can take a break just before the flight

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Green Wainting Oases

The comfortable seating furniture gives the rest and waiting area a park-like atmosphere

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Use the opportunity to take a refreshing shower upon arrival at Frankfurt airport

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Drinking Fountains

Frankfurt Airport has taken steps to ensure that passengers stay hydrated: either free or for a very small fee

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Christian Chapels

There are Christian chapels in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport

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Muslim Prayer Rooms

You can find in both terminals Muslim prayer rooms

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Jewish Prayer Rooms

The Jewish prayer rooms are in both Terminals

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Lounges for everyone

Relax and enjoy yourself before your flight in our attractively furnished lounges

Lounges for everyone

MY CLOUD Transit Hotel

A unique, flexibly bookable hotel at Frankfurt Airport that’s just a short walk from the gate

To MY CLOUD Transit Hotel