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Quality Seal Confirmed: "Safe from Covid-19"

TÜV Hessen lauds Frankfurt Airport's efforts to protect passengers and staff from infection

Frankfurt Airport has just become the first German airport to receive the new "Safe from Covid-19" quality seal from TÜV Hesse, the technical inspection association of the state of Hesse. The seal acknowledges that in recent months Fraport, the airport's operator, has implemented all required industry-specific hygiene and social distancing measure in an exemplary manner. TÜV arrived at this conclusion after conducting an in-depth inspection.

The auditors brought a comprehensive catalog of criteria based on recommendations by the Robert Koch institute, the German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention. They spent several days meticulously evaluating every step of the paths that departing and returning passengers take through the airport. After completing their work, the auditors especially praised the constant visual and auditory reminders for travelers to follow the current rules. They confirmed that Frankfurt Airport hat optimally adapted all processes to the new situation created by the pandemic. With its own medical center and special Covid-19 testing stations set up at short notice, it has a complete arsenal in place for combatting the virus.

The seal is initially valid for six months, and starting immediately will be prominently displayed at all of the airport's entrances. You can also find detailed information on all measures and behavioral rules of conduct, together with a wide range of helpful advice, on the airport website. Please inform yourself thoroughly before starting your trip - in order for the measure to be fully effective, everyone needs to actively participate.