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Flying during the coronavirus pandemic



With our video you will get an impression of your stay at the airport in current times and see: Flying at FRA is safe!

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Preparations for Traveling

Especially during the coronavirus epidemic, of course, it’s not a good idea to travel if you are ill or feeling unwell. We have compiled the most important information about your journey in times of Corona below.

Flights from Great Britain, Northern Ireland and South Africa

By decree of the Federal Ministry of Health, persons who have entered the Federal Republic of Germany since December 22, 2020, and who have stayed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or the Republic of South Africa in the last ten days prior to entry are required to present a negative corona test result (PCR test) upon entry. In addition, there is a ban on passenger flights from these countries. The regulation is initially limited until January 20, 2021. Exemption: Persons with the right to reside in Germany and residents have the permission to be transported and entry into Germany (with testing and quarantine obligation) starting 01 January 2021. Transfer passengers have the permission as well. More information can be found here.

Flights from Ireland

As of January 8, 2021, flights from the Republic of Ireland to the Federal Republic of Germany may only be operated under the condition that passengers can present a negative test for SARS-CoV-2 prior to departure, which was carried out within 48 hours before departure. Children under 6 years of age are exempt from this regulation.

Worldwide flights

Since July 2, 2020, travellers from the following third countries have been allowed to re-enter the European Union: Australia, Georgia, Japan*, New Zealand, South Korea*, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China*. For all other third countries, in order to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, the existing travel restrictions continue to apply to all non-essential travel to the EU.

Travel to Germany is also possible from third countries not included in the above list if there are important grounds for doing so. More information can be found here.

*For China, Japan and South Korea a lifting of entry restrictions is subject to confirmation of reciprocity.


Further notes

Passengers departing from FRA are strongly advised to contact their airline for information on the specific regulations regarding their flight and destination, before traveling to the airport. Information regarding the test possibilities for departing passengers at Frankfurt Airport can be found here.

Our tip: Take advantage of our self-service facilities. Check in online in advance, conveniently use a bag drop machine at the airport, and take only one carry-on item. This way you save time and reduce your risk of contagion.

In response to reduced passenger traffic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Frankfurt Airport bundles all passenger handling operations in Terminal 1. Passenger operations in FRA’s Terminal 2 are suspended until further notice (affecting both Concourses D and E). The parking garage at T2 is also temporarily closed to passengers. All check-in processes for all flights departing Frankfurt are taking place in Terminal 1, Concourse A, B and C. From here, passengers can pass the security checkpoint to reach their departures gates in Piers A, B and Z.

We temporarily adjusted our parking service, due to the reduced traffic volume. Nevertheless we guarantee you as usual a free parking space at any time. Please follow the traffic and parking guidance for the free parking spaces.

Terminal Parking - Terminal 1

Access P2 and P3 are currently closed - please use access P1 for Terminal Parking at Terminal 1.

Terminal Parking - Terminal 2

Starting on April 7, 2020, until further notice all passenger handling processes will take place at Terminal 1. The P8 and P9 underground parking garages will also bei closed. Customers who have booked a parking space at Terminal 2 can use the QR code on their mobile parking ticket to park at Terminal 1 instead (via entrance P1).

Holiday Parking

The car park ist temporarily closed. Customers with a Holiday Parking booking have the opportunity to park at no additional cost in the Terminal Parking for the duration of the closure. Please take a parking ticket at the entry gate upon arrival. On the day of return report with your booking numer at the exit gate using the call button. A rebooking is not necessary.

Information for returnees:

The interval of the bus has been suspended. The bus is available at Terminal 1 or on call for Terminal 2.

Customer inquiries online booking

Due to the currently very high numer of e-mails in connection with COVID-19, the response time is longer than usual. We ask for your understanding. Please do not contact us several times once you have already sent us an inquiry. We take care of your concerns as soon as possible. In our FAQ you will find answers to the most important questions.

At the Airport



We want you and your fellow travelers to depart from Frankfurt Airport safely and without worrying. To ensure this, we have implemented a wide range of hygiene measures. They are presented in the following. Stay healthy!

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It’s mandatory to wear a face mask or other appropriate face covering at all times inside the terminal facilities, shops, restaurants and airport transportation facilities such as buses and the automated people mover. The only exceptions are children under six and persons who are unable to do so because of physical impairments or health issues. The consumption of food and beverages in the terminal is basically possible. Please bring your own masks. If you need a replacement, additional masks and disinfectant can be purchased in various shops.

Any face covering may be worn that closely fits around the nose and mouth and helps reduce the quantity of droplets and aerosols that are expelled when coughing, sneezing or talking. It does not need to be certified. Plastic face shields are not acceptable.

All airport employees who are in direct contact with customers also use appropriate protection. By working together, we can ensure safety and hygiene for everyone.

We apply the same social distancing rules as everywhere else and therefore ask you to keep at least 1.5 meters (five feet) away from other people. This also applies to seating and waiting areas. To remind you and generally help protect all travelers, we have installed appropriate green floor markings and signs. All counters are also equipped with plexiglass shields. As far as possible, please avoid paying cash in shops and restaurants. Currently it is unfortunately only possible to order take-away food in our restaurants.

Disinfectant dispensers are available for your use in the terminal areas. We also recommend that you regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning at the airport and regularly sanitize all touchable surfaces in our terminals and vehicles.

Please note that many shops and restaurants at the airport are currently closed. This is a consequence of the nationwide lockdown ordered to combat the Corona pandemic. Only shops that serve the basic needs of passengers - such as pharmacies, banks, post offices or newspaper vendors as well as the duty free stores behind security and passport control - are still open. The opening hours depend on the flight events taking place. For this reason, it is unfortunately only possible to order take-away food in our restaurants at the moment. Of course, it is expressly permitted to consume take-away food and drinks in the terminal.

Please find our current shop and restaurant opening hours attached. Here is a list showing our retailers at a glance. We wish you a lot of fun shopping at Frankfurt Airport. 

* Please note that not all of the shops at the airport sell the entire range of protection products.

Health Protection from Safety Stations

Health Protection from Safety Stations

Face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant gel for your trip are now also available from two specially converted vending machines: our "Safety Stations". You'll find them in Terminal 1 in Concourse B and in the passageway between Concourses B and C (near Coffee Fellows and Relay). The Safety Stations accept cash payment in euros, as well as major credit cards and Apple Pay. We wish you a good and safe trip from Frankfurt Airport!

The new service offer makes the travel experience even easier and faster. Biometric facial recognition enables members of the frequent flyer program "Miles & More" to pass through security checks and boarding gates touchless - an important health and hygiene safety measure in times of Covid-19. This applies initially to selected Lufthansa and SWISS flights.

Further information and registration

If your health or general condition suddenly takes a turn for the worse after arriving at Frankfurt Airport, contact our personnel right away to request medical assistance. If necessary, you can head for the emergency outpatient clinic at our medical center for a checkup, test or treatment. Further information can be found here.

Information for travel returnees

The following rules apply to travelers returning from high-risk areas: they must quarantine themselves for 10 days. If you have arrived from a high-risk area, you must go straight home or to other suitable accommodations immediately after landing in Frankfurt and remain there for 10 days without interruption. You must also notify the local health department without delay by submitting a before entry completed arrival form. Carry the form with you at all times, either printed out on paper or stored on an electronic device, so that you can also show it to transportation providers or immigration authorities if asked to do so. If digital registration is not possible, in exceptional cases you must fill in a written substitute registration and hand it in to the carrier or the border authority.

The following obligations apply to different risk areas:

  • Risk area: Returning travelers are required to have proof of testing for Covid-19 upon entry. The test can be performed within 48 hours prior to arrival or within 48 hours after entry. The tests are subject to a fee and can be taken directly at the airport, at other test centers (for example, the test center in Frankfurt MyZeil or Wiesbaden RMCC) or at the place of residence. Information regarding the test possibilities at Frankfurt Airport can be found here.
  • High incidence areas and areas with virus mutations: Travelers returning from these areas with a particularly high risk of Covid 19 infection are required to be tested before departure. You must present this proof to the airline upon departure and to the Federal Police upon request upon entry into Germany.

In Hesse, you may end the quarantine five days after arriving in Germany by presenting a negative test result. However, you must wait for at least five days after arriving before taking the test (you may briefly interrupt your quarantine to take the test). Please note that as of December 16, 2020, there is no longer an entitlement to free testing for those entering the country from high risk areas. From now on, all returnees will have to pay the testing costs themselves. 

Go here for information on exceptions to the quarantine requirement. 

At the airport, there are various test options for returning travelers as well as for departing passengers. All information can be found here. Please note that these testing opportunities at the airport are available exclusively to arriving and departing passengers.