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Coronavirus Testing at the Airport

Beginning on November 8, 2020, new rules apply to travelers returning from high-risk areas: they must quarantine themselves for 10 days. If you have arrived from a high-risk area, you must go straight home or to other suitable accommodations immediately after landing in Frankfurt and remain there for 10 days without interruption. You must also notify the local health department without delay by submitting a previously completed arrival form. Carry the form with you at all times, either printed out on paper or stored on an electronic device, so that you can also show it to transportation providers or immigration authorities if asked to do so. If digital registration is not possible, in exceptional cases you must fill in a written substitute registration and hand it in to the carrier or the border authority.

Go here for information on exceptions to the quarantine requirement. It is expected to remain in effect until January 31, 2021.

You may end the quarantine five days after arriving in Germany by presenting a negative test result. However, you must wait for at least five days after arriving before taking the test (you may briefly interrupt your quarantine to take the test). The test is free of charge during the first 10 days after arriving in Germany if you present the arrival form showing that you have come from a high-risk area. At Frankfurt Airport Free tests are available in two testing centers (see Test possibilities at a glance) located on the pedestrian bridge connecting Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station.

We urge departing passengers to obtain detailed information on the current immigration rules at their destinations and get tested well in advance if this is required. 

(last updated: November 9, 2020)


Test possibilities at a glance

The German Red Cross offers free Covid-19 tests at Frankfurt Airport to travelers returning from high-risk areas. The Test Center is located right at the airport on the pedestrian bridge connecting Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station.

A pre-registration is possible and recommended (the registration is done via the website of the operator Centogene). Alternatively, registration can be done on site by presenting your boarding pass.

The test result is available within 24 hours. If you take the test by 3 p.m., you can usually get the result on the same day. It is directly emailed to you by the laboratory.

Opening hours: daily 5:30 to 23:30

Lufthansa, Fraport, and CENTOGENE have partnered to offer Coronavirus testing at Frankfurt Airport via a Test Center located right at the airport on the pedestrian bridge connecting Terminal 1 and the long-distance train station. In addition to the free tests for travelers returning from high-risk areas, there are different test offers for departing passengers and visitors.

The Test Center offers an RT-PCR test (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Test) as well as a rapid antigen test, which detects whether there is an acute infection with the virus, and thus the risk of infecting other people they come in contact with. The detection is carried out by means of a throat swab.

RT-PCR tests 

After registering via the Test Portal, a throat swab can be taken at the Airport Test Center without an appointment.

Opening hours: daily 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • "Premium-24" 59 € incl. VAT.: Results within 24 hours after sample receipt in 95% of cases.
  • "Premium-12" 79 € incl. VAT.: Results within 12 hours after sample receipt in 95% of cases (samples taken after 3:00 p.m. will be reported by 10:00 a.m. the following day).
  • "Premium-61" 139 € incl. VAT.: Results within 6 hours after sample receipt in 95% of cases (only available until 3 p.m.).

Rapid Antigen test

You have to book an available time slot in the online test portal at the time of registration. Please make sure you arrive within the booked time slot to take your rapid antigen test.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • "Express-3" 79 € incl. VAT: Results within 150 minutes after sample receipt in 95 % of cases (only available until 3 p.m.).

Pleaso note for all test options: In some cases, for example if there is an uncertain result and the analysis must be repeated, the result may become available somewhat later. In August 2020, on average 95% of RT-PCR test results were reported within the stated turn-around-time.

You find more information here.



Our medical center is now offering supplementary medical checkups and tests in "special appointments". You can get a nose and throat swap test for Sars-CoV-2 just in case or get checked for antibodies (there is a charge for both of these services). To give our medical staff a chance to prepare and appropriately protect themselves, you must make and receive advance confirmation of an appointment over the Internet.


  • Voluntary Sars-CoV-2 antibody test: approx. 111 euros*
  • Voluntary nose and throat swab test for Sars-CoV-2: approx. 216 euros*
  • Voluntary checkup comprising both tests: approx. 268 euros*

You will be charged for the cost of consultation and lab analyses according to the general German fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ). Unless you present a letter from a medical insurer or similar stating that it will bear the costs, you must pay yourself on the spot, e.g. by credit card.

*On weekends and holidays there is a surcharge of up to 12.68 euros.