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Blogpost 10: Wempe Jewelers

Where timeless elegance lends brilliance to time itself

Rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, pendants - if you love beautiful objects, you’ll find these selected pieces from Wempe irresistible. Which makes complete sense, since this brand’s experienced jewelers have specialized in creating veritable masterpieces.

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Of Values and Dreams: Wempe

In 1878, Gerhard Dietrich Wempe fulfilled a dream by launching his own company. He did so on a shoestring, making it all the more remarkable that today, 140 years later, it is globally acclaimed for its outstandingly beautiful watches and jewelry. This has been the result of hard work as well as a great deal of courage and creativity. Wempe now has outlets in nearly every German city, and people also gather in front of store windows in New York City, Paris, London and Madrid to admire its exceptional wares. What are the firm’s core values? Tradition and innovation. Also priceless is the fact that it is still owned and run by the same family, now in the fourth generation with Kim-Eva Wempe at the helm.

The special thing: lovely, top-quality jewelry is produced in the firm’s own workshop in Southern Germany.


The Ingredients for Wempe’s Fantastic Jewelry: Gold, Silver, Colored Gemstones and Pearls

Precious materials are what give real value to the design and workmanship of a piece of jewelry. Gold is known for its indestructibility and is often passed down through the generations. Also because it comes in such a wide variety of colors and lusters, gold has been cherished for many centuries as a component of jewelry. So it’s no wonder that it also plays a brilliant role at Wempe. 

In Wempe’s BY KIM jewelry brand, gold takes center stage in a suspenseful dialog between innovative design and the time-honored art of metal forging. It gives rise to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants that reflect current styles yet possess classical gracefulness.

Sublimely shaped silver also features in Wempe’s jewelry worlds. The ways in which this precious metal reflects and absorbs light add another, very special dimension to the brand’s masterfully crafted pieces, playfully and delightfully capturing the moment. BY KIM silver jewelry harmoniously combines materials such as silk and leather with the luminescence of this “moon metal”. Engraved messages turn many of these pieces into very special, meaningful companions. Did you know that pearls occur in some of the world’s oldest jewelry? Due to their mythical grace and inimitable natural beauty, they have a well-deserved place at Wempe.

Wempe jewelry lets you experience pearls in new, unexpected contexts. Rings, pearl pendants, bangles, earrings and necklaces are ideal platforms for elegantly presenting them – in feminine creations that reflect the zeitgeist while outlasting trends. And colored gemstones set in Wempe jewelry also tell glorious tales. Delicately sparkling in infinitely intense colors, they touch the souls of jewelry lovers. It’s impossible to get your fill of gazing into their depths. So it’s no wonder that Wempe uses them to create jewelry lines that make their owners’ hearts beat faster, day after day.

Discover the world of rings if you’re new to the universe of colored gemstones. There are myriad ways to combine rings to make your very personal statements.


Wempe and Diamonds: a perfect Symbiosis

The real heart of Wempe’s collection, without a shimmer of a doubt, is diamonds. The firm’s jewelers have mastered the art of presenting them in utter perfection. More than 135 years of hands-on experience and dedication have given rise to a uniquely expressive language. It seems like eons have passed since Wempe began devoting itself to this symbol of eternity. During this time, the firm has developed innovations that do honor to diamonds’ precious heritage – for example, with its own in-house gemological center.

Diamonds become truly exciting at Wempe as a result of the WEMPE-Cut®, which the family company developed itself. It adds 80 more facets to the modern round brilliant cut, for a total of 137 – yielding unsurpassed brilliance and especially high light reflection. This perfect round cut, which took two years to develop, is executed entirely by hand. Each diamond cut in this way is placed in a specially developed setting that ideally enhances the spectacular play of light emanating from the WEMPE-Cut®.

Good to know: with Wempe you know that your new piece of jewelry will be top-quality. To prove it, each Wempe diamond starting at 0.25 carats comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Want to know more?

Sometimes we just want to learn more about things that fascinate us. Also because it can make it easier for us to decide which piece of jewelry we want or choose an appropriate stone. You’re invited to browse the Wempe jewelry glossary, which is full of interesting information from A to Z. Or perhaps you already possess a special piece and would like to know how to take care of it; in this case, you’ll be glad to read the special Wempe jewelry care pointers!