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Blogpost 6: Quality That Starts in the Vineyards

To really understand what happens in AR Leonoble’s vineyards, you have to go and witness it with your own eyes. The passionate intensity of those who tend them is obvious every step of the way.

Their decades of experience and enormous expertise result in exceptional quality that starts in the soils of France’s Champagne region and attains perfection during the vinification (fermentation) and aging phases.

Anne and Antoine Malassagne know from decades of experience that the process of creating a truly excellent wine starts in the vineyard. So it’s no wonder that AR Lenoble works so hard to make sure that the vines thrive and the grapes develop in just the right way―while avoiding anything that might diminish the quality of the wine made from them. The champagne producer is totally committed to doing everything possible to ensure first-rate results, both in the vineyards and afterward during vinification (fermentation) and aging.

Time and Know-How: the Ingredients for Creating Exquisite Wine

The vineyards of AR Lenoble are lovingly tended year-round in order to harvest grapes that can be turned into exceptional wines. The specialists who devote themselves to this work are intimately familiar with the characteristics of every plot of land. They meticulously pick and sort the ripe grapes by hand to cull the very best for winemaking.

In 2012 AR Lenoble became the second producer in Champagne to be awarded the respected HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certification. Anne and Antoine Malassagne let the grass grow in their vineyards to intentionally reduce crop sizes and boost quality. They also encourage biodiversity by filling the parcels with hedgerows, orchards, embankments, trees and … beehives. “We see bees as an important symbol of biodiversity and natural balance,” says Antoine Malassagne. They also happen to produce, almost as a side effect, a small quantity of extremely delicious honey that isn’t for sale anywhere.

And AR Lenoble is right on the money with its philosophy, as is evident in the brilliant selection of champagne highlights that customers from around the world can now reserve at Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping for purchase at Caviar House & Prunier. These crisp, vinous sparkling wines owe much of their enlivening character to its vinicultural practices.


In the Cellar: Tailored Vinification and Aging

In the Cellar: Tailored Vinification and Aging

What starts in the vineyards undergoes a transformation during actual winemaking. After the grapes are harvested and pressed, Antoine Malassagne uses a different vinification vessel for the juice from each crop and parcel. There are vessels of various sizes, ranging from small Burgundy barrels to large tanks. For superior results, the wines are allowed to develop for at least three years. AR Lenoble’s holistic approach in also reflected in the dosage. “You have to find the right balance. It took a lot of time and experimentation for us to get the dosage right. Now we keep it at or below 6 g/l in most of our wines,” says Malassagne.

Incidentally: If you’d like to see just how delectable a low-dosage champagne can be, try Champagner AR Lenoble Brut Nature Dosage Zero, which you can reserve at Caviar House & Prunier via Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping.