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Blogpost 4: Honey from AR Lenoble

Yet Another Taste Treat

AR Lenoble stands for exclusivity and uniqueness.

The winery’s owner-operators, the brother-and-sister pair Anne and Antoine Malassagne, don’t only apply their passion for special and rare products to their superior champagne. Since 2016, they have also been producing Lenoble honey. Now in its second “vintage”, this exquisite rarity is still impossible to buy. Yet customers of Caviar House & Prunier and Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping now have an opportunity to experience its pleasures.

The vineyards of AR Lenoble, at three locations on the celebrated Côte des Blancs, give rise to unique sparkling wines that ooze character and elegance. But that isn’t all. On parts of the 10 hectares owned by the AR Lenoble estate around Chouilly, the northernmost Grand Cru village, bee colonies that Antoine Malassagne personally established and continues to tend turn out very special honey indeed. Like everything from AR Lenoble, there are only limited quantities of it. Plus, it still isn’t for sale. Caviar House & Prunier was therefore extremely pleased to obtain a small number of jars of it, which it is now giving to customers in collaboration with Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping.

This is all the more remarkable considering that Antoine Malassagne normally only bestows his honey on business partners. But AR Lenoble decided to make an exception and honor its longstanding relationship with Caviar Haus & Prunier, which is characterized by trust and mutual respect, by supplying it with these exclusive gifts for customers.


A Specialty That Money Can’t Buy

Asked why on earth a winery would want to install beehives, Antoine Malassagne gave an answer that makes perfect sense: “Bees are a symbol of biodiversity and healthy vineyards, and that makes two very good reasons,” he explained. That was his motivation for introducing bees in 2014. The very next year he produced his first “vintage” of AR Lenoble honey, a prized and extremely limited product. In 2016 the crop comprised just 150 jars. And the last remaining ones are now reserved for customers who use Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping to order champagne from AR Lenoble for pickup at the airport. This offer constitutes an additional and truly unique benefit for them.

Sublime Enjoyment

But what is the honey from AR Lenoble’s vineyards actually like? Its wonderfully creamy consistency is crowned by a pleasantly sweet, flowery taste. Nor is this any wonder, considering that it is derived exclusively from nectar that the 70,000 “Lenoble bees” spend the entire summer gathering from wildflowers. Anne Malassagne has a rather hedonistic tip for consuming it: “Those who are fortunate to get a jar of our honey shouldn’t hold back out of respect for the product’s exclusivity. Instead, they should eat their fill of it and thoroughly enjoy the experience.”

Here’s another tip: we will be reporting in greater detail on biodiversity and the importance of healthy vineyards in the next two blog entries.