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Blogpost: Whiskey and Gin

Whiskey and Gin

What Are You an Expert on? Whiskey or Gin?

Did you know why some people drink gin with cucumber? What the “angels’ share” is in connection with whiskey production? And what all of this has to do with Frankfurt Airport? Read this blog entry to learn these things and much more.

Whiskey and Gin for Every Taste

Malt whisky, Scotch, bourbon, London gin and so forth: the whole gamut of whiskey and gin specialties is available at Frankfurt Airport, both online and offline. To save time, you can use our convenient Click & Collect system to reserve items online and then pick them up at the airport, bagged and ready to go, on your way to the gate. If you’re a German resident and flying to a destination within the EU, you can also take advantage of a practical home delivery service. Read on to find out exactly how Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping works.


Trending: Japanese Whiskey

You can also reserve highly popular Japanese whiskeys and pick them up prior departure. Japanese distilleries use innovative methods to turn out outstanding products with exquisite complexity and a mild flavor. They are also attracting attention internationally: Japanese whiskeys are regularly picked as the best in the world.


Whiskey for the Angels

Do you know where whiskey originated? The first written record of it dates back to 1494 – in Scotland. But the Scots and the Irish have been arguing for centuries about who actually invented this alcoholic beverage. These two countries are still the leading producers today, and you’ll find both Scotch whiskies and Irish whiskeys in our selection. But what do angels have to do with them? The part that escapes through pores in the wooden casks during the maturation phase is said to be “for the angels”. Depending on factors such as temperature and humidity, it can amount to about two percent a year. Cheers! 


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Cucumber for Your Gin

What does cucumber have to do with gin? Juniper berries and various herbs, fruits and spices – collectively known as “botanicals” – are what normally give gin its characteristic flavor. But in 1999, Hendrick’s launched a gin infused with two special ingredients – Bulgarian rose and cucumber – and also recommends serving it with tonic water over ice and garnished with cucumber. You may prefer your gin with a slice of lemon or a bit of citrus zest, however.


Exclusive Airport Specials

Alongside popular gin and whiskey brands like Hendrick’s, our Airport Specials are a highlight that’s available to all travelers. Our Travel Editions are exclusive brands and vintages that you can only buy from us. They include Eagle Cask, a blended malt Scotch whiskey that is matured in oak barrels for at least five years. There are more than 90 different whiskeys exclusively for travelers: a lot from which to choose an exceptional gift for friends or relatives at home or as a treat to yourself. 


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