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German Wines from Rhine-Hesse and Rheingau

The grape harvest in Germany is nearing its end with a record crop, thanks to a warm spring and an extremely dry summer, and there is every reason to expect this year’s wines to be truly outstanding. The growers in Rhine-Hesse and Rheingau near Frankfurt Airport, two of Germany’s foremost wine producing regions, are very satisfied. In this article, we acquaint you with both of them.

Germany is a country of clearly defined rules, and production of red, white and rosé wines is no exception. Under the German Wine Law of 1994, only 13 precisely defined geographical areas are allowed to market “Qualitätswein” (quality wine). Rhine-Hesse is the largest of them.

Germany’s Largest Wine Producing Area: Rhine-Hesse

Wine dominates the economy of the area enclosed by Worms, Alzey, Bingen and Mainz: 133 of its 136 communities have grown and produced it for many generations. More than 26,000 hectares of land are devoted to viticulture there, comprising 414 individual vineyards and 2,350 wineries. Each year they contribute more than a quarter of the grape juice used in Germany to make wine. In 2017, white grapes accounted for more than 70% of the total. The most important grape variety grown in Rhine-Hesse is Riesling, with Müller-Thurgau a close second. Silvaner also has a long tradition in Rhine-Hesse, where more land is devoted to cultivating this grape variety than anywhere else in the world. Incidentally, despite its name, Rhine-Hesse is part of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Petite but Exquisite: Rheingau

Although only just under 3,200 hectares are devoted to viticulture in Rheingau, this area also boasts first-rate wines. Riesling, nicknamed the “Queen of the Grapes”, also dominates here. This slowly maturing variety is grown on about 80% of the vineyard area, thriving in the optimal climatic and geological conditions that prevail on this narrow stretch between Wiesbaden and Lorchhausen am Rhein. Rheingau is also home to the world’s very first Riesling winery, Schloss Johannisberg, which has been producing elegant white wines from this grape variety since 1720; you can also purchase them in our online shop.

The “Q.b.A.” Quality Designation

How can you tell whether a wine is good? Fraport employee Sabrina Möhn, a former Mainz Wine Queen, gives this advice: “If a wine has the quality mark Q.b.A., it’s safe to assume that it is first-rate. The letters stand for ‘Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete’ or ‘high-quality wine from specific regions’. Wines that bear this mark must be from one of the 13 official German winegrowing regions and meet certain other requirements, including rules on their natural alcohol content.” You can also fine Q.b.A. wines in our online shop. How about a bottle of excellent wine for your loved ones? Our convenient Click & Collect system makes it very simple for you to reserve your favorite products online and then pick them up on the way to catch your flight. If you’re heading for a destination within the European Union, you can also order selected articles online and have them delivered to your home or hotel anywhere in Germany. Detailed information on how Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping works is available here.

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