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Blogpost 5: The Vineyards of AR Lenoble

First-Class Locations, First-Class Champagne

Occupy three prime locations in France’s Champagne region, the vineyards of AR Lenoble are the starting point for creating superb champagnes that are desired the world over. The fleshy, buttery grapes from the terroir around the northernmost Grand Cu village, Chouilly, play a star role in this story: they are the source of one of the greatest Chardonnay sparkling wines in all of Champagne.

Whenever something works especially well over a period of years, it’s a safe bet that there’s a philosophy behind it. And Anne and Antoine Malassagne are in fact often asked to reveal their system for producing such extraordinary champagne. They typically give a simple yet to-the-point answer: “It takes really good grapes to make really good wines.” AR Lenoble’s vineyards at three excellent locations in Champagne are the source of the quality that characterizes the premium AR Lenoble champagnes offered by Caviar House & Prunier in cooperation with Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping.


Special: the Grand Cru Village of Chouilly on the Côte des Blancs

The philosophy of Anne and Antoine Malassagne goes further than that, however. At AR Lenoble, it doesn’t matter how good a vineyard is―not every grape grown there will find its way into the press. “We only pick the healthiest grapes and avoid handling them any more than is absolutely necessary,” says Anne Malassagne. Their flagship vineyards are on 10 hectares that they own in the terroir surrounding Choilly, a village that was awarded Grand Cru status in 1985. This classification, which literally means “great growth”, designates vineyards that are known for producing outstanding wines.

The soil around Chouilly, which consists entirely of limestone, gives rise to exceptional grapes with a fleshy, buttery consistency. They are special because they ripen practically overnight and can be stored for quite a while without deteriorating. One of the most sublime Chardonnay varieties produced anywhere in Champagne thrives in these vineyards. You can experience the results by using Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping to reserve a AR Lenoble Brut Intense or AR Lenoble Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs from Caviar House & Prunier. You’ll enjoy the unique characteristic flavor of wines made from grapes cultivated in Chouilly.

Exceptional: the Terroirs of Bisseul and Damery

AR Lenoble doesn’t only have vineyards in Chouilly, the northernmost Grand Cru village. It also owns six hectares of vineyards in Bisseul, a Premier Cru village located between Mareuil-sur-Ay and Tours-sur-Marne. Translated into English, Premier Cru means “first growth”. This prestigious label is reserved for particularly high-quality wines. Rich, structured Pinots Noirs grow on the limestone soil of these vineyards. Finally, the soils rich in clay and limestone of the Damery terroir are home to elegant and expressive Pinots Meuniers. AR Lenoble has been based here since 1920.

Each terroir has its own unique character, and Anne and Antoine Malassagne strive to make the best possible use of the harvests from all three locations. Their art enables the grapes to unfold their full potential and personality.

By the way: incomparable Grand Cru Chardonnay from Chouilly is a major component of all AR Lenoble wines.