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Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Healthy Food at the Airport

If you get hungry while at the airport, usually there isn’t much time to eat. Fortunately, this long ago stopped requiring you to rely on typical fast food here, because you can enjoy a balanced meal and still make it to the gate with time to spare. The choices range from healthy snacks to go all the way to restaurants that use fresh ingredients to prepare tasty dishes for you. In this article, we acquaint you with the options at Frankfurt Airport, whether you’re in a hurry or have time to spare.

Will you still be observing your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 in March? Have you made up your mind to eat healthy food while traveling as well? Here at Frankfurt Airport you can stay true to your principles, for example by enjoying a healthy snack from the SUPERFOOD shop in Terminal 1. Its illuminated logo will catch your eye from a distance. All of its healthy dishes are prepared fresh and are compatible with a small budget. Besides smoothies, tasty wraps, and frozen yogurt, you’ll also find a variety of coffee beverages and sandwiches.


Fresh ingredients for connoisseurs

Health-loving connoisseurs also get their money’s worth at the airport: for example, at GOODMANN & FILIPPO, which you’ll also find in Terminal 1. Its Italian-American deli offering comprises a diverse range of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable smoothies, which are available either to go or to consume on-site while enjoying a direct view of the bustling airport apron.


Healthy fine foods?

What exactly are “fine foods”? One dictionary defines them as “non-everyday food that is of high quality or specially prepared”. In other words, tasty delicacies. Caviar is a classic fine food, and other examples are handmade licorice and Kusmi Tea. You can purchase all of these in our online shop to enjoy at home, or else give yourself a treat right at the airport by purchasing them in stores like Caviar House & Prunier.


Redeem points for healthy rewards

NATURAL, GOODMAN & FILIPPO, and Caviar House & Prunier are all partners in our Frankfurt Airport Rewards program. What does this mean? You earn points while shopping at the airport or in our online shop and can them redeem them for fantastic rewards. For example, you can treat yourself to a freshly squeezed orange juice at NATURAL before boarding your flight, or savor a delicious fruit cup at GOODMAN & FILIPPO. You’re also invited to browse our online selection of healthy snacks. Are you already familiar with the protein bars from The Primal Pantry?