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Blogpost 8: Shopping at Caviar House & Prunier: a Real Experience

Shopping at Caviar House & Prunier: a Real Experience

Caviar House & Prunier and AR Lenoble are linked by a close relationship built on trust. “This is the big advantage of working with smaller suppliers,” says André Drescher, who manages the company’s shops at Frankfurt Airport. “We meet and learn from one other as equals. This also benefits the customers who use the Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping platform to reserve a rare AR Lenoble champagne at Caviar House & Pruner. Because, in the end, they get more than a superb sparkling wine. They also learn something.”

Competence from One Source

The preceding blog entries have made it clear that Anne and Antoine Malassagne treat every single one of their grapes with tender loving care. The siblings also go out of their way to make sure that the staff of Caviar House & Prunier learn everything there is to know about all of their champagne highlights―and pass this knowledge on to their own customers. The Caviar House & Prunier employees working for Drescher even travel to France to personally experience the family-run winery and everything that makes it so special. They stroll through the fabulous Grand Cru vineyards and witness first-hand the small-scale winemaking operation, how wines are fermented first in oak barriques and then in sealed bottles, and how the carbonation is intentionally kept low.

Close to the Source with Valuable Insider Tips and Information

Knowledge is based on experience, and Caviar House & Pruner naturally tastes AR Lenoble’s exclusive products before putting them on the market. “Every member of our team knows first-hand that, for example, Champagne AR Lenoble Brut Rosé Terroirs is excellent as an aperitif and that caviar and balik salmon from Caviar House & Prunier harmonize ideally with a Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, Cuvée Gentilhomme or Premier Cru Blanc de Noirs,” adds Drescher. “The customers that visit our shops at Frankfurt Airport therefore get expert advice that takes their wishes and preferences into account.” And naturally also valuable background information and tips based on direct experience.

Short of traveling to Champagne, customers could hardly get closer to the stories around these unique products. Which is why every visit to Caviar House & Prunier takes shopping to another level.