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Blogpost 2: Vintage 1996 – a Milestone

There are many reasons why the 1996 vintage of AR Lenoble champagne has turned out to be so extraordinary

For instance, the outstanding quality of the grapes and the high acidity of the must (the freshly pressed grape juice). Another, especially important, reason is that it was the first champagne to be jointly produced by a new generation, namely siblings Anne and Antoine Malassagne.

A Masterpiece: the Champagne AR Lenoble Cuvée Gentilhomme Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Vintage 1996 Extra

The fact that Caviar House & Prunier is able to offer the 1996 vintage in collaboration with Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping is in itself quite remarkable. This is because the Malassagne siblings only placed 250 bottles of this cuvée on the market last year―the first time, in fact, that any of it was sold. And only a handful of selected dealers were honored with small lots.

The occasion that prompted them to release this champagne with the impressive-sounding name of AR Lenoble Cuvée Gentilhomme Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Vintage 1996 was the 20th anniversary of this vintage, which was the first they produced together. Antoine Malassagne also decided to present it with a very low sugar content of only 2 grams per liter. “This makes it extra-brut”, he explained. “Twenty years ago, that wasn’t in such great demand as today.”


A Real Accomplishment That Delights Collectors, Connoisseurs and Pleasure Seekers

André Drescher, who manages the Caviar House & Prunier shop at Frankfurt Airport, explains how long a champagne can safely age without losing its character: “AR Lenoble prints the disgorgement date, in other words when the accumulated yeast sediment is removed from the neck of the inverted bottle, on the back of each one. If it is 20 years old when this is done, which is the case with the 1996 vintage, afterwards it can continue to age and develop for at least another two decades.”

The exceptional quality of the 1996 vintage thus makes it especially attractive to collectors. Apart from this, André Drescher also has another tip: “This champagne is just the thing for people who have already tried all of the great brands like Pommery, Krug, Dom Perignon and Moët & Chandon and are simply looking for something different. It’s a luxury product that surpasses the basic and even the prestige cuvées. I naturally recommend this rarity to bon viveurs who want to give themselves a very special, life-improving treat.”

The 1996 vintage consists to 100% of Grand Cru Chouilly Chardonnay and is a very complex, full-bodied champagne that delivers a harmonious taste experience, enhanced by the very fine effervescence typical of AR Lenoble champagne. Seasoned sparkling wine aficionados can look forward to unique enjoyment with this masterfully crafted milestone.

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