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Passengers with a transfer ticket

Passengers with a transfer ticket

  • Rewards program: keep on benefiting!

  • Click & pick up: your purchases are waiting for you at the airport

  • Special editions: only available from the airport

  • A large range of marked-down articles

  • Special editions: only available from the airport

  • Rewards program: keep on benefiting!

The Frankfurt Airport Online Shop offers you a host of benefits, great products and convenient ordering and delivery options. It also ideally rounds out your travel experience. We may not be able to do magic yet, but we’re working on it!

In the following, we explain how easy it is to shop online.

This is how it works in detail

If you have a valid ticket of transfer, you can take advantage of everything our retailers, which have their physical shops after the security check, offer. Your ticket gives you access to unlimited shopping enjoyment.

Before the security check


Retailer Product Category Location
Airport Tours & Shop Gifts & souvenirs Terminal 1, area C
PAX Consumer electronics Terminal 1, area B
Pfüller Children’s fashions, toys & games Terminal 1, area B
Porsche Design Lifestyle & luxury articles Terminal 1, area B
Samsonite Travel bags
Terminal 1, area B
Tripidi Germany’s best brands Terminal 1, area B

After the security check

Retailer Product Category Location
Caviar House & Prunier Fine foods Terminal 1, area A, B & C
Capi Electronics, toys & games Terminal 1, area B & Terminal 2, area D
Lagadère Souvenirs & accessories Terminal 1, area B & Z
Duty Free Duty Free & travel Value Terminal 1 and 2, all areas
PAX Consumer electronics
Terminal 1, area A & Z
Porsche Design Lifestyle & luxury articles Terminal 1, area A
Tripidi Germany's best brand
Terminal 1, area B Non-Schengen
Terminal 2, area D Non-Schengen
Terminal 1, area Z Non-Schengen
Wempe Jewellery & watches Terminal 1, area A & Z

Click & Collect:

You’ve used up your favorite perfume but really wanted to take some along on your holiday trip? Or you’ve been planning to treat yourself to a new watch for your next business trip? Your wish is our command: simply order them online while specifying that you will pick them up in the corresponding shops at the airport.You’ll save a lot of time this way, which really pays off if you’re stressed on the day of your flight or arrive at the airport late because your taxi gets caught in traffic or the train is delayed. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: browse online, reserve products, and then pick them up at the airport and pay for them there.

Home Delivery:
There are things that you might not want to carry into the aircraft cabin. A whole box of your favorite wine, for example. Or you may not be in the mood to spend much time shopping at the airport but would still like to take advantage of the great prices and larger packages like mascara bargain packs or perfume sets. No problem! If you’re flying to a destination within the EU, during the 90 days before departure you can order and pay for items online as often as you like and have them delivered free of charge to your home or hotel anywhere in Germany.

If you have any more questions left unanswered, you may consult our FAQs.

Are you really flying to another EU country? Maybe we should freshen up your knowledge of geography – just to make absolutely sure!

You pay for your items in the shop where you pick them up – naturally at the prices you reserved them for, even if these have meanwhile increased or a special offer you took advantage of is no longer available.

You have various payment options. When picking up your articles, you can pay for them in cash or using a VISA credit card or a Maestro or UnionPay debit card (UnionPay only in Duty Free shops).

What could be better than getting money back that you’ve spent? After making purchases in shops at Frankfurt Airport, you can get the value-added tax (VAT) contained in the price refunded. This applies both to articles that you carry into the aircraft cabin and to items packed in your checked luggage.

Products bought in Heinemann Duty Free shops are already tax-free, so in this case there are no refunds.

You can find more detailed information about Tax Refunds.

Plan ahead! As a member of our free Rewards Program, you enjoy status benefits and special rewards every time you visit the airport. Experience it differently for a change: for example, by going on a free guided airport tour. Or spending a parking voucher. Or treating yourself to a free coffee at Caviar House & Prunier. The possibilities are practically endless!

You effortlessly earn reward and status points with every purchase.

If you’d like more information on our Rewards Program, go head!

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Do you have a problem, question or wish, or would you like to give feedback? Our customer service is available for you to contact by e-mail, phone or contact form. You’re also welcome to dispatch a carrier pigeon, although we can’t guarantee that it will arrive.