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Take Off with a “Luxury Food Lifestyle”

Take Off with a “Luxury Food Lifestyle”

Caviar House & Prunier

Caviar House & Prunier is all about exclusive enjoyment, as is obvious after taking a look around Frankfurt Airport. And a soon-to-open new outlet in Pier A erases the last lingering doubts that this fine foods company stands head and shoulders above other stores. Connoisseurs will embark on a special voyage of epicurean pleasure in this innovative new shop. It truly deserves to be explored, featuring exquisitely delicious products that entice travelers to sample and buy them: in short, a shopping experience that’s second to none!

The Shop for All Senses – Enjoyment in a New Format

A voyage of discovery for travelers: Caviar House & Prunier is setting new standards with its new concept. It starts with novel product presentations (supported by LED screens, among other things), continues across a stylish tasting bar with seating, and extends all the way to regularly changing snack creations that reflect the company’s multifaceted repertoire. The latter, set in a cleanly structured, luxurious ambience, is the new key attraction: specialty foods, wines and champagnes that can be consumed on-site. Caviar House & Prunier’s cooks are constantly conjuring up new dishes in bite-sized “amuse-bouche” portions that let passengers convince themselves of the quality and uniqueness of the establishment’s offering, while also giving them a glimpse of the endless possibilities for creatively preparing and enjoying them.

What else makes shopping at Caviar House & Prunier such a satisfying experience? Besides exclusive fine foods and fine wines and champagnes selected by a certified sommelier, it is attention to detail, pure and simple. Everything is appropriately served in exquisite glasses from Riedel and on handmade porcelain dishes from Hering in Berlin to eat with silver-plated tableware from Robbe & Berking – all of which, incidentally, are also available to buy in the shop. Caviar House & Prunier’s core offering – which ranges from Prunier caviar, Balik smoked salmon and foie gras to premium wines, spirits and fine foods – is supplemented by a selection of lifestyle products including silverware, porcelain, glasses and pots, all of which can also be giftwrapped.

The secret behind its great taste is the method used to cure it, which originated in czarist Russia but sank into oblivion with the demise of the Romanov dynasty. It wasn’t revived until 1978, when Hans Gerd Kübel, a Berlin-based stage actor, director and music lover, met a Russian from Riga named Israel Kaplan who happened to be the grandson of the last master smoker. Kaplan agreed to initiate him into this secret art, whereupon Kübel revived the ancient tradition at a 300-year-old farmhouse he had bought in Ebersol in the Toggenburg district of northeastern Switzerland. Until he entrusted his operation to Balik Caviar House & Prunier in 1992, only insiders and a small group of friends were allowed to enjoy this delicacy. But that all changed.

“One day a gentleman walked into my office with a salmon under his arm,” recalls Peter G. Rebeiz, CEO and President of Caviar House & Prunier. Rebeiz also happened to be an enthusiastic jazz musician, so the two hit it off. It made sense for them to team up and share not only their passion for music and culture, but also their love of fine foods. During the years that followed this first encounter, Rebeiz successfully introduced Balik salmon to the international gourmet scene as a luxury product that is now available worldwide. The original smoking oven in Ebersol is still being used, and Balik has yet to reveal the secret recipe.

The sounds of music also waft over the salmon smokery: many well-known Swiss singers and international stars have recorded CDs in its own high-tech sound studio. Nor is that all: “We offer the winners of the talent contest at the annual Montreux Jazz Festival the chance to spend a week here in Toggenburg recording their first professional CDs,” says Rebeiz. “Balik is committed to helping talented young artists break into the international music scene.”

So in addition to producing the world’s foremost smoked salmon, Balik is also a very popular host. It upholds a tradition that Hans Gerd Kübel perfected when starting out: namely, a combination of culinary and artistic passions. Peter G. Rebeiz aptly sums it up: “Balik salmon is something for special occasions and deserves to be shared with friends. That’s the meaning of true luxury today.”

By the way, Balik’s exclusivity is also reflected in the limited quantities it outputs: each week only a single salmon is smoked by hand for each country in the world.