FRA Weddings - get married at the Airport
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FRA Weddings

The FRA Weddings service offers a different and very romantic way to get married.

Couples wishing to tie the knot can spend their special day in the airport’s exciting atmosphere. Fraport AG's all-inclusive wedding package costs €1,500 and includes a whole list of exclusive features.

A professional wedding planner handles everything and helps the happy couple with whatever they need. The package can include: a reception for 15 guests in one of the five-star hotels at the airport, a night's stay in a suite for the wedding couple, a photographer to capture unforgettable moments, including a photo shoot at an attractive venue, a wedding cake and bouquet, and various other details.

The FRA Weddings team can organize a standard or personalized civil wedding ceremony. Religious weddings can also be held at the airport with the participation of a representative of the corresponding faith.

This service offers guests the opportunity to get married at an exceptional location, celebrate a very special event in a cosmopolitan ambience, and if they like fly straight off to their honeymoon the following day.

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