An International Stage for Entertainment

An International Stage for Entertainment

Modern Ambiance with a Jet-Set Feel

No matter how casual your get-together is – it should always be a special moment for you and your guests. Luckily, when considering Frankfurt Airport’s Visitors’ Terrace, this comes with the territory. The view of the airfield with jumbo jets taking off and landing inherently infuses any after-work or open-air party with the excitement of travel and the feel of a jet-set lifestyle.


For get-togethers and corporate events

Nothing represents networking and team spirit like the Frankfurt Airport international aviation hub. Here, thousands of people come together and work together every day. Sounds like the perfect atmosphere for your get-together or corporate event? Then we’re happy to support you in making the space exactly what you need it to be – with the set-up you desire and the branding you require. 


For performances, concerts and fashion shows

Whether it’s fashion, art or music – when you’re putting on a show, it’s all about smooth processes and unique staging. With versatile yet neutral backdrops, state-of-the-art amenities and modern interiors, the Visitors’ Terrace is the perfect canvas for realizing almost any event design. From creating individual lighting scenarios and utilizing the flexibility of the space to construct your very own world to working with our experienced suppliers to make your vision come to life, you’ll find nothing is easier here than pulling your project off without a hitch.


For cocktail nights and award ceremonies

With the world at your fingertips – could there be a more glamorous space in which to honor achievements or celebrate milestones? Let the lounge atmosphere of the Visitors’ Terrace invite you to interpret classic event standards in a new and modern way – creating a unique and elegant evening that sets itself apart from the usual formats.

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