old-Customs Inspections

Important information on customs inspections when arriving

If you arrive from a country which is a member state of the EU, you have no need for customs formalities on principle. Please note that nevertheless a check of your luggage can take place to comply with national prohibitions and restrictions (e.g. drugs, weapons), but also to monitor cross-border traffic with cash and equivalent payments.

They include:

Austria, France, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Estonia, Iceland, The Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden.

The customs stations for luggage are in the baggage claim areas. If you are arriving from a country that belongs to the European Union (EU) or if what you are carrying does not exceed the permitted allowances, please use the green customs exit.

If you are carrying more than the permitted duty-free allowances or if you are importing goods intended for sale or commercial use (regardless of their value), then you must declare these. This also applies to goods that are prohibited or subject to restrictions. They include narcotics, weapons, ammunition, and protected species of plants or animals, parts thereof, or products made from these.

You can find the customs stations for hand luggage in our map.

More information at the German Customs.