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Information on the Coronavirus

Advice for passengers

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is well prepared to deal with the outbreak of infectious diseases—fulfilling all recommendations of the health authorities responsible for FRA (the Frankfurt Health Department and the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs). Currently, health screening of passengers has not been ordered by the authorities. In cooperation with the relevant health authorities, we are providing targeted information for travelers via monitors in the terminals and flyers are handed out to arriving passengers.

Passengers departing from FRA are strongly advised to contact their airline for information on the specific regulations regarding their flight and destination, before traveling to the airport. Passengers arriving from all countries must spend 14 days in quarantine. This regulation is expected to apply until June 15, 2020. Exceptions to this requirement can be found here.

Please inform yourself about the travel and security requirements of the German Foreign Office.

Most important

Germany has introduced travel restrictions for entries from outside the Schengen area until June 15, 2020. All corresponding entries from non-EU-citizens and citizens of non-Schengen states by plane or ship will be affected. Entry will be possible for German citizens.

Also EU-citzens and citizens of Great Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and their family members will be allowed to transit through Germany to reach their home countries. The same will apply for foreigners holding a residence permit in one of these countries. Other people may be rejected entry, if they cannot provide proof of urgent reasons for their entry.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer has decided to temporarily reintroduce checks at the internal borders with Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain as an additional measure to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The checks will remain in force until June 15, 2020. Checks at the border with Luxembourg ended on 15 May 2020. The Federal Minister of the Interior is also willing to end checks at the border with Denmark. A date will be agreed with Denmark as soon as the Danish government has completed its current consultations with its neighbouring states.

The cross-border flow of goods will continue to be permitted. Cross-border commuters will also continue to be allowed to enter and leave the country. People travelling for other reasons should expect restrictions on travel both into and out of Germany. Travellers with symptoms that may indicate a coronavirus infection will not be permitted to enter/leave Germany, in coordination with the authorities in the relevant neighbouring country. The Federal Ministry of the Interior is urging citizens to postpone all non-essential travel. Commuters are asked to provide proof that they need to cross the border for their work. The Federal Police has been asked to oversee the border checks.

(Source: Federal Foreign Office, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, last update: May 18, 2020)

Further news

We apologize for the fact that we are currently unable to ensure the usual shopping and dining opportunities at Frankfurt Airport. The decisions made by the German federal and Hessian governments to combat the COVID-19 epidemic have required us to reduce the hours of shops and restaurants inside the terminals. In the transit areas, their availability will be continually adjusted in response to the departures and arrivals that are still taking place.

While most of the shops at the airport are currently closed, we show you how to reach our retailers online.


Reduced Delivery Options of our online shop

Until further notice it is no longer possible for you to reserve products. In addition, our delivery service is currently only available within Germand and for flights to other EU countries. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can continue to browse our product selection, however, and after logging in you can also place articles in your shopping basket. 

These shops offer protective masks and desinfectants:

Shops Opening hours Locations
Airport Boutique  9 am -  5 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall C, before security check
Hub Convenience  7 am - 10 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall Z, after security check
Hub Convenience  7 am -  9 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall B, after security check
Metropolitan Pharmacy 6.30 am - 8 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall B, Shopping Boulevard
Metropolitan Pharmacy 6.30 am - 2 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall Z
Metropolitan Pharmacy  7 am  -  8 pm The Squaire, Marketplace
Relay  6 am -  9 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall A, after security check, Gate A 18
Relay 0 am - midnight Terminal 1, Departure Hall B, Center
Relay   6 am -  9 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall Z, after security check
Relay  6 am - 10 pm Terminal 1, Arrival Hall B
Trib's  0 am  midnight Terminal 1, Departure Hall B, Center
Wolford 10 am -  4 pm Terminal 1, Departure Hall A, after security check

The Metropolitan Pharmacy has outlets at these locations:

  • Terminal 1, Shopping Boulevard, Level 2, open daily between 6:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Terminal 1, Pier Z, Level 4, open daily between 6:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • The Squaire, Marketplace, open daily between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The Metropolitan Pharmacy also has an ordering service. You can submit orders by sending an Email to or using the free CallmyApo app for Android and iOS. The items can then be picked up at a selected location or delivered to your home anywhere in Europe without any restrictions.

You must show or send the original prescriptions before the medications can be sent or issued to you.

The MetCard entitles you to a 12% discount from the Metropolitan Pharmacy on all nonprescription drugs, cosmetics, body care and wellness products, and travel specials. This customer card is valid at all outlets and online.

Please note that since April 27, 2020, masks have been required all over Hessen in local public transport vehicles and in the public areas of shops, banks and post offices. This regulation also applies to the bus shuttle and SkyLine, as well as shops at Frankfurt Airport.


Many shops as well as the pharmacy in Terminal 1 sell masks and desinfectants. For further information regarding shop opening hours or location within Terminal 1 - please click here.   


+++ Update April 29, 2020 +++

From Monday, 4 May, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group are asking all passengers to wear a mouth-nose cover on board their flights. All flight attendants on Lufthansa Group flights in direct contact with customers will also wear a corresponding mask. All passengers are requested to bring their own mouth and nose cover. A reusable fabric mask is recommended, but all other types of coverings such as simple disposable masks or scarves are also possible. The airlines will inform their passengers in advance by SMS or e-mail and on their websites about the new regulation. The obligation to wear the mask will preliminarily apply until 31.08.2020.

The current regulation of Lufthansa Group Airlines to keep the neighbouring seat free in Economy and Premium Economy Class will no longer apply, as wearing the mouth-nose cover provides adequate health protection.  Due to the current low occupancy rate, seats will nevertheless be allocated as widely as possible throughout the cabin. In principle, infection on board remains very unlikely. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, no concrete cases of transmission on Lufthansa Group flights have become known. All Lufthansa Group aircraft are equipped with the highest quality air filters, which guarantee air quality similar to that in an operating theatre. In addition, the air circulates vertically instead of being distributed throughout the cabin.

+++ Update April 26, 2020 +++

In view of the low demand, a further reduction of the flight schedule to only 15 weekly long-haul connections is inevitable: three times a week each from Frankfurt to Newark and Chicago (both USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bangkok (Thailand) and Tokyo (Japan). The three weekly connections to Montreal (Canada) will be cancelled. In addition, Lufthansa will offer up to 36 daily connections from its Frankfurt hub to the most important cities in Germany and Europe. 

Lufthansa passengers planning a trip over the next few weeks are advised to check the status of the respective flight before embarking on their journey. Guests who have provided Lufthansa with their contact details will be informed if their flight is cancelled.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled or who were unable to take their flight can keep their ticket and make a rebooking for a new travel date - by 30 April 2021 at the latest - by 31 August 2020 and, if necessary, a new destination. If you start your journey before 31 December 2020, you will receive an additional reduction of 50 EUR for the rebooking. This can be obtained in the form of a flight voucher online via the airlines' websites.

(Source: Lufthansa)

+++ Update April 10, 2020 +++

As of 10/04/2020 countries and regions are not longer classified as international risk areas.  Due to pandemic spread, there is a global risk of acquiring Covid-19. In a considerable number of countries there are outbreaks with sometimes large numbers of cases; the exact numbers of cases in other countries are not known. Therefore there is a risk of transmission in Germany as well as in many other, not always well-defined regions worldwide.  

(Source: Robert Koch-Institut)


+++ Update April 7, 2020 +++

Due to pandemic spread, there is a global risk of acquiring Covid-19. Due to differences in surveillance systems, test strategies and reporting delays, the risk of infection cannot always be related to reported numbers. Therefore, all persons entering Germany are required to remain in quarantine for 14 days.


+++ Update April 2, 2020 +++

The German Robert Koch-Institute has defined high-risk areas where COVID-19 is continuing to spread. At this time, they comprise the following:

  • Egypt: the entire country
  • France: the entire country
  • Iran: the entire country
  • Italy: the entire country
  • Netherlands: the entire country
  • Austria: the entire country
  • Switzerland: the entire country
  • Spain: the entire country
  • South Korea: the Daegu metropolitan area and the province of North Gyeongsang
  • USA: the entire country
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: the entire country

We temporarily adjusted our parking service, due to the reduced traffic volume. Nevertheless we guarantee you as usual a free parking space at any time. Please follow the traffic and parking guidance for the free parking spaces.

Terminal Parking - Terminal 1

Access P2 and P3 are currently closed - please use access P1 for Terminal Parking at Terminal 1.

Terminal Parking - Terminal 2

Starting on April 7, 2020, until further notice all passenger handling processes will take place at Terminal 1. The P8 and P9 underground parking garages will also bei closed. Customers who have booked a parking space at Terminal 2 can use the QR code on their mobile parking ticket to park at Terminal 1 instead (via entrance P1).

Holiday Parking

The car park ist temporarily closed. Customers with a Holiday Parking booking have the opportunity to park at no additional cost in the Terminal Parking for the duration of the closure. Please take a parking ticket at the entry gate upon arrival. On the day of return report with your booking numer at the exit gate using the call button. A rebooking is not necessary.

Information for returnees:

The interval of the bus has been suspended. The bus is available at Terminal 1 or on call for Terminal 2.

Customer inquiries online booking

Due to the currently very high numer of e-mails in connection with COVID-19, the response time is longer than usual. We aks for your understanding. Please do not contact us several times once you have already sent us an inquiry. We take care of your concerns as soon as possible. In our FAQ you will find answers to the most important questions.

Flights from the Islamic Republic of Iran are prohibited to land at the Federal Republic of Germany since April 2, 2020.

In response to reduced passenger traffic caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Frankfurt Airport will bundle all passenger handling operations in Terminal 1, effective April 7. From that date, passenger operations in FRA’s Terminal 2 will be suspended until further notice (affecting both Concourses D and E). The parking garage at T2 will also be temporarily closed to passengers. From April 7, check-in processes for all flights departing Frankfurt will take place in Terminal 1, Concourse B and C. From here, passengers can pass the security checkpoint to reach their departures gates in Piers A and B.

Airline Check-in Counter Terminal 1
Air Alergrie 707-709
Air Astana 543
Air Serbia 701-702
Belavia 679-680
Cathay Pacific 744-749
China Airlines 517-525
China Eastern 704-707
China Southern 517-523
Emirates 744-754
Finnair 665-667
Freebird 734-735
Gulf Air 546
Iceland Air 673-675
KLM / Air France 683-684
Nouvelair Tunisia 676-677
Royal Air Maroc 669-671
Tarom 701-702
Ukraine 669-671
Uzbekistan 669-671