Graffiti Wall

Impression: Graffiti Wall at Frankfurt Airport since 2015

Graffiti Artwork depicting Frankfurt's landmarks and highlights

Frankfurt Airport added an eye-catching feature: the 360-meter-long wall at the bus station in front of Terminal 1 has been redesigned by renowned spray artist Helge "Bomber" Steinmann to give it an urban graffiti look.

Steinmann presents his views of Frankfurt in 15 different motifs, each 15-20 meters wide. Among others, the Römer City Hall and the Old Opera House can be seen. Of course, a tribute to the football club Frankfurt Eintracht and the zoo may not be missing. The central element of the graffiti is an integrated bridge pier. The conclusion at the eastern end of this unique work of art is a representation of Frankfurt Airport.

Information about the artist

The artwork was realized by the renowned sprayer Helge "Bomber" Steinmann.

As the founder of the world's first graffiti and urban art agency, he developed the "Graffiti Academy" and gives workshops at schools. With the drawn, rather sketchy style in which he designed the wall at the bus station, he builds a bridge between typical graffiti and illustration.