The general rule is that no liquids, aerosols, or gels are allowed in carry-on luggage. There are exceptions, however. The following exceptions apply to passengers who originate or transfer at an airport in the EU, Norway, Iceland, or Switzerland:

- Required: a one-liter bag

Containers holding liquids may not be larger than 100 ml, otherwise you may not carry them in your hand luggage. All such containers must be placed in a transparent, reclosable plastic bag with a capacity of no more than one liter (for example, an ordinary freezer bag with zipper). The bag may contain any number of containers as long as it is still possible to completely close it. Please remember: Each passenger may only take one such bag on board the plane.

We recommend that you carry as little hand luggage as possible and arrive at the airport early.

  - Medications, dietary foods, baby food

There are now no longer any restrictions on quantities of medications and medically necessary special foods (e.g. baby food or dietary foods) that are needed during the trip and/or are difficult or impossible to obtain at your destination. These articles may be carried outside the transparent one-liter bag but must also be presented separately at the security checkpoint. In cases of doubt, the security personnel may request you to provide proof (e.g. a medical certificate) of your needs to carry the products in your hand luggage.

Please note that there are no restrictions on the amount of baby food you can take on board. This means that you are free to carry as much as you will need for the duration of the flight, provided that your child is traveling with you and is no older than three years old. Please also keep in mind that food and beverages must be appropriate for babies—no soft drinks, caffeinated beverages or the like.

- Duty-free merchandise belong in a special sealed, tamper-evident bag (STEB)

Duty-free items purchased in shops after you pass through the boarding pass check or on board an aircraft may be carried through the security check if they are enclosed in a transparent special bag (known as a STEB) that has been sealed by the sales clerk. This bag must contain a receipt that indicates the date and place of purchase and can be read from the outside. This ensures that you can change planes at other EU airports without any hassle when carrying duty-free merchandise. It’s also important to keep the bag closed and sealed until you reach your final destination. This applies to security checks at Frankfurt Airport and all other airports in the EU, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

There is no limit on the number of duty free bags that you may carry on board. Please observe the applicable customs and import regulations.

At the airport security checkpoint, please present all items separately: carried liquids, aerosols, and gels (in a one-liter bag), medical and dietary liquids and foods (including baby food), and duty-free items in one or more sealed STEBs. This will speed up the check.