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FAQ Frankfurt Airport Rewards

Questions and Answers concerning Frankfurt Airport Rewards

Find all information on the Frankfurt Airport Rewards Program here.

Membership and Customer Card

If you join the Frankfort Airport Rewards program, you’ll be able to collect reward points with every purchase you make and redeem them for attractive rewards. You’ll also qualify to receive special benefits from participating retailers.

Anyone 18 years or older may participate.

To become a member, you need to register online.

If you don’t register the card, it won’t be completely activated. That means that you can collect points but not redeem them for rewards in our shop.

Yes, there is no charge for registering and membership.

We do not give away physical cards. You can use your card digitally through the Frankfurt Airport App or you can print out your own paper card via your reward account.

You’ll find your digital card in the Frankfurt Airport App. Devices running iOS also let you save it to an Apple Wallet, and with Android devices you can store it in a Google Wallet.

It’s easy to cancel your membership in your reward customer account or via our Service Center.

Your customer number is printed on your customer card. You can also find it in your confirmation e-mail and in your account settings.

You can change your data whenever you like in your account settings under “My Account”.

You can change your data whenever you like in your account settings under “My Account”.

In this case, click on "forgot password" in the login screen. You will then receive an email with instructions for requesting a new password.

Collecting Points and Checking Your Balance

You collect points every time you make a purchase in one of the participating partners. Simply present your membership card when paying. You also receive points when picking up and paying for items you have reserved at Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping.

You receive reward points and status points. You can redeem reward points into rewards. Status points define your status level and the related status privileges.

With only a couple of exceptions, yes. A few products are subject to legal constraints, and participating retailers may also exclude certain products.

You receive one reward point and one status point for each full euro that you spend on a given article. Fractions of euros are disregarded, so the number of points you get may differ from the total purchase price when buying multiple items. Additional reward points can also be credited to you in connection with promotions. To learn exactly how they work, please consult the promotion’s terms & conditions.

No. You are awarded points for every full euro spent.

Points for purchases made at participating stores right at the airport and on Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping are generally credited to your account right away. Please keep in mind that, depending on the retailer, there could be a short delay until the points are credited.

Yes, your reward points will expire after two years at the end of the calendar year and your status points will expire after one year.

For example, if you make a purchase on December 20, 2015, then your reward points will expire at midnight on December 31, 2017. The formula once again: add two years and extend to the end of that year.

Yes, this is possible. Please contact our customer service and keep your purchase receipt handy.

You can check your current point balance by going online and looking in your reward customer account. But please keep in mind that, depending on the retailer, there could be a short delay until the points are credited.

It can take up to two months for points to be credited. If they still haven’t arrived after that time, please get in touch with our customer service.

Status, Benefits, and Bonus Coupons

You can achieve three status levels: SMART, COMFORT, and EXCLUSIVE. Each status level entitles you to certain benefits. The value of the benefits increases with each successive level.

The status levels correspond to the following point counts:

Status Level Status Points
SMART up to 2,499
COMFORT 2,500 - 3,999
EXCLUSIVE from 4,000

You advance to the next status level as soon as you have collected enough points. You then stay at that new level until the end of the following calendar year. Then you are reassigned based on how many points you have at that time. If you have meanwhile accumulated enough points to qualify for the next-higher level, you are immediately bumped up to it.

Benefits are another kind of reward that you are entitled to free of charge depending on your status level. As your status level rises, the benefits increase in value.

Redeeming reward points

You can redeem your reward points in the Reward Shop, where you obtain valuable vouchers and coupons that you then exchange for products or services from participating partners, subject to their own terms and conditions.

That depends on the voucher or coupon and the terms and conditions of the retailer or partner.

If you lose one, please contact our customer service. The voucher or coupon will be immediately canceled (unless it has already been redeemed) and the reward points are credited to your account again.

Unfortunately, this it is not possible. You must obtain a voucher or coupon first.

We’re sorry but cash disbursements are not possible.

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