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Spas & Wellness in the Region

Spas & Wellness

Spa and wellness culture in the region around Frankfurt

The best places to experience the region’s ancient spa culture are Wiesbaden and Bad Dürkheim.

Wiesbaden: Hesse’s Spa Capital

The Romans were the first to discover Wiesbaden’s thermal springs and take advantage of their curative properties. Today the springs still play an important role in treating rheumatic and orthopedic ailments.

The city also boasts a number of other historic sights, beautiful parks to relax in, and an over 100-year-old heated swimming pool, the Emperor Friedrich Bath (Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme), which was built in 1913 on the foundations of a Roman bathhouse. The so-called Roman-Irish bathing tradition can still be experienced there. You can also try the hot water that bubbles out of the Kochbrunnen, a famous salt-water hot spring.


Bad Dürkheim

Bad Dürkheim is a historic spa town on the German Wine Route that dates back more than a thousand years. It is famous for its salty hot springs and numerous parks.

The Kurpark is very close to the main railway station. This public garden, through which the small Isenach River flows, is especially beautiful. You can sample warm spring water free in the lobby of the modern spa center.