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Food Specialties

Food specialties of the region

Enjoyment is an important part of life in Frankfurt.

The history of the marketplace on the Römerberg (the central square of Frankfurt’s Old Town) can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The first butchers and fine foods specialists set up shop there long ago.

The city’s traditional cuisine is mainly characterized by hearty dishes. The famous specialties include, for example, Frankfurter sausages and “green sauce”, a cold sauce consisting of mayonnaise and yogurt mixed with various herbs. Also well-known is Handkäse mit Musik (literally “hand cheese with music”), a translucent low-fat cheese served with vinegar, oil, chopped onion, and caraway seed.

The locals are crazy about apple wine, which is called “ebbelvoi” in the Hessian dialect. This popular fruit wine is served chilled in the summer and often hot in the winter. Frankfurt is full of cozy apple wine bars, and the famous “Ebbelwei Express” drives around the city every day.