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10 (+1) things

we miss at Frankfurt Airport

Flying? Of course, all the time and anywhere! It's unimaginable to not be able to soar up into the air to explore foreign cultures and worlds. We miss that place. We miss flying and, above all, these eleven things:

1. Tomato juice again at last

Who even thinks about ordering tomato juice while still grounded? Not many people, that's who. And still, we yearn for the cold, red drink.

By the way: for all moments happening "before tomato juice": follow @beforetomatojuice on Instagram and become part of our community!

2. That one guy on your place to your left, snoring up a storm

Fought your way to your seat and now you're in a fine mess: your neighbor is snoring.

Who wouldn't love to exchange the peace and quiet of your home office for ten hours continuous snoring?

3. The common homo sapiens: a gregarious animal

A phenomenon yet to be understood: as soon as the gates are open, the pushing and squeezing begins, people fight for their right to queue slightly further down the line, long before boarding commences.
Just like in a herd, everyone is waiting impatiently for the sign to finally light up, announcing "boarding". No one admits to it and yet everyone is guilty of queuing too early every time. Isn't that somewhat comparable to the current toilet paper situation?

4. In this together

On a stopover or at the airport too early … and then, out of nowhere: "Say, where are you heading off to?"

The beginning of a wonderful friendship – which may only last until boarding.


5. The hunt for bargains at the duty-free shop

They are lurking in every corner, ready to jump you: the red bargain prices. Let the games begin!

A huge Toblerone, the new perfume by Tiziana Terenzi and a bottle of rum – now the adventure can really begin.

6. The perfume of each and every airport: Eau de kerosene

Isn't this just a heavenly scent? Still on your way to the plane, you're already smelling this wonderful perfume.

The scent of the airport or rather the smell of freedom? No, wait, it's just kerosene.

7. People Watching: Playing Joe Goldberg for a day

Can't anyone help this clumsy lady with her three way too large suitcases? – Oh my God, is that Chris Evans with a hat and the sunglasses? 

8. Lingo Bingo!

Spanish? No, that's clearly Portuguese, or maybe Italian? Whichever language it might be, you're sure to survive with English around here.



9. Airport Rules: No shame – No blame!

A cold beer for breakfast? Gin Tonic for Lunch and champagne as an afternoon snack? That's impossible?
Of course not, because society's rules are flying right out of the window. If you're sitting in a restaurant, dressed in sweatpants and sporting dark under-eye circles after a long waiting time or a long-distance flight, no worries: we're all mad here.

10. Hellos and Goodbyes

With both a twinkle and a tear – that's accurately describing airport-emotions, isn't it? People saying goodbye to their loved ones and others, holding giant, home-crafted signs and flowers, waiting impatiently.

But what are we missing above all?

11. You

Truth be told, we're looking forward to full terminals. We're looking forward to giving you advice in our stores, to showing you our delicacies, to enticing and providing you with duty-free bargains and to travelling with you once again. 

We can hardly wait for it! #lookingforward