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Premium Tour

For small groups only (up to a maximum of five persons)

A special airport tour for those with special wishes

Dear guests:

In consideration of the current situation regarding the coronavirus, our airport tours will be suspended unil furher noice and the Visitors’ Terrace is also closed.

Thank you for your understanding.   

Would you like to peek behind the scenes at Frankfurt Airport during an exclusive tour, or are you searching for a special gift for a birthday or other occasion? If so, the Premium Tour for up to five persons is ideal!
You can customize your visit to the airport by booking additional modules (subject to availability) to supplement this one-hour tour of the airport apron.

Price Per group of up to 5 persons €299
Duration   120 minutes

Additional Modules

Price Per group of up to 5 persons €99
Duration   30 minutes
Bookable on following days Acocrding to availability Monday to Friday

Luggage in a Labyrinth

Have you ever wondered how your suitcases make their way from the check-in counter to the plane? This is accomplished by an enormous automated baggage handling system that passengers aren’t usually allowed to see. But now you can uncover the secrets of this invisible superhighway with a total length of over 80 kilometers, where bags in blue tubs whiz along conveyors at speeds up to 18 km/h. Learn about the logistics behind this maze of metal rails and find out how the system succeeds in correctly sorting more than 20,000 luggage items an hour.

Price Per group of up to 5 persons €99
Duration   30 minutes
Bookable on following days According to availability Monday to Sunday

“Hot” Glimpses of the Airport Fire Department

You enter one of Frankfurt Airport’s four fire stations and are thoroughly acquainted with the unique tasks performed by a large airport’s fire department. Strict safety regulations require that the firefighters be able to reach any location on the airport premises within three minutes. An experienced fire protection expert explains how this is achieved at Frankfurt Airport despite its large size. Among other things, you get to experience an enormous Z8 XXL crash tender (a specialized fire engine designed for aircraft rescue and firefighting at airports).

Price Per group of up to 5 persons €99
Duration   60 minutes
Bookable on following days According to availability Monday to Friday

Going Postal

The International Postal Center at Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s gateway to the world for all international letters, packages and parcels that arrive or leave by air. Each day up to 190 tonnes of post can be dispatched to 266 different destinations around the globe.

Experience the complexity of the processes involved in sorting letters and packages and get a close look at the enormous machines used for this. You learn about the many steps involved in routing and delivering a love letter, picture postcard or merchandise purchased online to your home. In this module you are also acquainted with how the rapidly growing

Price Per group up to 5 persons €99
Duration   60 minutes
Bookable on following days According to availability Monday to Sunday

Experience History

The monument to the Berlin Airlift at Frankfurt Airport recalls how aircrews of the Western Allies supplied West Berlin when it was blockaded by the Soviets after the end of World War II. It consists of an historic Douglas C-3 aircraft, popularly known as a “candy bomber”. Accompanied by a longtime employee of Lufthansa Technik who is thoroughly familiar with the plane’s details, you explore its cabin and cockpit on the trail of legendary pilot Gail Halvorsen.

Have you ever dreamed of being a commercial pilot and controlling a passenger jet while it takes off, cruises and lands? If so, you’ll love taking a seat in the cockpit of a realistic replica of a Boeing 737-800.


Showing your booking confirmation of the Premium Tour you will get a special rate. For more information contact our partner JOFFI GmbH by phone: +49 (0)6171-981067 or by mail at


Details on the Premium Tour

  • Bookings must be made at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • The supplementary modules may only be booked together with the basic module.
  • The minimum age is 16; all participants must carry a valid ID.
  • All offers subject to availability, maximum of five participants per tour.
  • This tour is not suitable for wheelchair users, a basic fitness level is necessary.
  • Up to five hours of parking at the airport are included.
  • Departure times are subject to change at short notice.
  • Sturdy shoes are required for some modules.


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Our recommendation: take public transportation

Frankfurt Airport tends to be very busy on weekends, holidays, and during school vacations. The availability of parking spaces can therefore be limited. We advise visitors to use public transportation for getting to and from the airport. There are excellent bus and train connections from downtown Frankfurt and the surrounding region. If you have a Frankfurt Card or RheinMainCard, you’re entitled to discounts.

Pedal Your Way

Alternatively, you can cycle and get exercise while enjoying the countryside. Frankfurt Airport is integrated in the region’s dense network of scenic bike paths. Useful information and tips for getting there by bicycle are available in the Hesse Cycling Route Planner and this map (both only available in German). Along the way, you can stop at points close to the runways for a unique view of planes taxiing, landing and taking off.