Tourism in Frankfurt

Tourism in Frankfurt

Experience Frankfurt!

This cosmopolitan city on the Main River is one of Germany’s major economic and cultural centers.

With about 700,000 residents, Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city in terms of population. Many corporate headquarters are located here, along with the European Central Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which is one of the world’s largest.

The city on the Main River is also a great place to live. In addition to the banking district with its skyscrapers, it is full of large and small parks and cozy apple wine bars. For those who love to shop, there are plenty of opportunities to do so—for instance in the Zeil, a chic pedestrian zone where more merchandise is sold than in any other street in the country, in the NordWestZentrum mall, and at the airport. There are also plenty of festivals, open-air markets, and other events to choose from.

The city’s outstanding sights include the Römerberg, the main square in Frankfurt’s Old Town, which is lined by the magnificent historic City Hall, beautiful half-timbered houses, and Old St. Nicholas Church. Also worth a visit is St. Paul’s Church, which has been a symbol of freedom and democracy ever since Germany’s first freely elected National Assembly held its first meeting there in 1848. In good weather, the zoo and the Palmengarten botanical gardens are other great places to walk and marvel.

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