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1. I’m interested in obtaining a concession to open a shop or food & beverage outlet or provide a service at Frankfurt Airport. Are any slots available?
No slots are currently available for commercial concessions, either in the publicly accessible areas before the passport and security checks or in the post-security areas. Despite this, we are constantly on the lookout for new, attractive concepts. We would therefore like to invite you to send us a brief application in which you describe your ideas for a shop (e.g. clothing, travel accessories, books, periodicals, toys & games) or service (e.g. money changing or dry cleaning). If you are interested in opening a restaurant or other food & beverage outlet, please use this application form. It will particularly help us if you provide information on businesses that you already operate at comparable locations, and for food & beverage outlets a business case as well.

2. Should I provide Preferences?
The customers who come through Frankfurt Airport have deep pockets and are avid shoppers, but they expect to find very high quality and excellent service in the shops at Frankfurt Airport. We work with our concessionaires to meet these expectations. It would be very helpful, and might greatly influence our decision, if you provided detailed information on concepts and described your experience with similar business ventures at other high-frequency locations.

3. Do shop operators or their personnel have to meet any special requirements at Frankfurt Airport?
We definitely prefer concessionaires to have had prior experience at high-frequency locations. Adequate liquidity and a strong entrepreneurial spirit and orientation are especially important prerequisites for the success of your application for a retail concession at Frankfurt Airport.
The operational requirements include a seven-day week and certain minimum business hours. There must also always be a manager present on-site.
We also have special requirements for personnel. Most importantly, they must be multilingual. Because our customers are among the world’s demanding, shop staff must also have a very strong service mentality.
Concessionaires must also expect to make above-average investments in their outlet, due to the technical complexity of the location and the associated requirements.

4. How high are the concession fees in the terminals?
The fees for commercial concessions are not based on a fixed rate per square meter. Instead, we agree with each concessionaire on a fee equal to an appropriate percentage of the sales volume based on the shop’s location, concept, and foot traffic, plus a minimum monthly rent.

5. I have an idea for an innovative concept that I would like to implement at Frankfurt Airport. Can I conclude a confidentiality agreement with Fraport in advance?
As a matter of principle. we regard all information that we receive from parties interested in concessions as confidential. However, because we handle a large number of requests for commercial concessions every day, it is not possible for us to negotiate and administer individual confidentiality agreements.

6. Is there a waiting list for applicants when no concessions are currently available?
We choose new concessionaires based on ongoing space development projects and the currently available slots. There is no waiting list. If it is not possible for us to consider your application right away but we find it interesting, we will contact you at a later time and ask you to update and resubmit it.

7. How can I obtain a retail concession?
As a rule, we grant commercial concessions based on a competition that we invite interesting brands and operators to enter. We consider not only business criteria, but also innovativeness and development potential. This approach ensures transparency.

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