Energetic support for retailers

The airport is like an enormous shopping mall. And it keeps on growing. Thanks to Fraport's expertise, retailers and food & beverage providers can handsomely profit from it.

There is more purchasing power at Frankfurt Airport than you might think. It's worthwhile to establish an outlet here.

- Around 166,000 passengers a day
- More than 78,000 employees at Frankfurt Airport
- Continual, innovative modernization and major expansion projects
- Marketplaces with a high-quality ambiance and attractive retail mix, ideally located along heavily trafficked pedestrian routes and intersections.
- Above-average sales potential thanks to an international and well-heeled clientele

An interdisciplinary team of experts including planners, architects, and rental and center managers is available to support you for planning and implementing your business idea.

- Assistance for securing an attractive retail environment
- Support for sales promotions
- Market research
- Professional support for optimizing your offering
- Support in planning new retail outlets and remodeling existing ones

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