Site Advantages

location power

Location Power

Located in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt’s infrastructure provides nearly perfect conditions for networking air, rail, and road transportation.

Business Power

Business Power

A good index of Frankfurt’s economic strength is based, in particular, on the fact that no other city anywhere in Germany hosts as many corporate headquarters of internationally active enterprises.

Service Power

Service Power

No matter what kind of cargo – Frankfurt Airport convinces by offering a fast, reliable and professional handling.


Site Power

Frankfurt Airport is home to around 250 airlines, freight forwarders, cargo handlers and other logistics service providers. All of them reap benefits from its attractive location, the region’s economic power, and the ample local supply of well-trained workers.

Special Products

Perishables Pharma

Perishables and Pharma

Frankfurt Airport offers sophisticated and custom-tailored solutions for the handling of perishable and pharmaceutical products.

An appropriate infrastructure is essential for the handling and transportation of perishables and pharmaceuticals. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s leading hubs for temperature-sensitive products offering top-quality facilities that meet industry requirements and all relevant standards.



The Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport is the world’s most advanced facility for animals traveling by air.

Whether they are tournament horses on their way to the Olympic Games, dogs or cats heading for a holiday with their owners, rhinoceroses traveling to a zoo, or exotic tropical fish from the South Seas, every animal is treated species-appropriate.



Frankfurt Airport is a major hub for international transport of mail and parcels, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

DGR Gefahrengut

Dangerous Goods

There is a possibility to handle dangerous goods of all kinds (except explosives), as well as to store them for more than 24 hours.

Frankfurt Airport has dedicated areas for the handling of DGR that are controlled by experienced staff who regularly receive training updates.



Valuable goods of all kinds can be safely and appropriately stored at Frankfurt Airport while meeting any special requirements.

Various companies at the airport have specialized in storing valuable goods. They take care of storing shipments of valuable items of all kinds, including precious metals, cash and cash equivalents, works of art, weapons, narcotics, and valuable electronic and pharmaceutical products, naturally while fully complying with the relevant legal and safety-related requirements.



Representing one of the most important cargo hubs in the world, Frankfurt Airport is home to many leading international express delivery companies.

Besides being a major hub for international cargo shipments, Frankfurt Airport has also developed into a center for courier services. Thanks to the outstanding infrastructure of FRA’s CargoCity, a significant number of specialized providers have recognized the potential of this site and established bases here.


What's happening at Frankfurt Cargo?

Excellence_ Award_Cargo.jpg

Excellence Award and Shippers‘ Forum at Air Cargo Africa

Success for FRA: At this year's Air Cargo Africa, Frankfurt Airport was again recognized as one of the best international cargo airports. We also used the trade fair as an opportunity to get into dialog with shippers. Following the successful Shippers' Forum in India late last year, this year's format focused on the players in the automotive industry in South Africa.


FRA Again Europe’s Biggest Freight Hub

With this result, FRA continues to be the European airport with the biggest freight volumes. We have also reinforced our position among the top ten airports globally, climbing to seventh place overall. The positive performance was driven by the BRIC nations in particular.


LATAM Cargo and Fraport Provide Aid to Peru’s Flood Victims

Following the severe storms in Peru this March, which left dozens of people dead, there was an acute shortage of clean drinking water throughout the country. This prompted Fraport and its local subsidiary to provide 25 water-filtering containers. They can filter approximately 30,000 liters per day, thus providing clean and safe water for up to 10,000 flood victims in Peru. LATAM provided assistance and covered the transportation costs.


LH Cargo Handles 100,000th Metric Ton of Airfreight through Speed Gate

The airline has used the infrastructure for two years in order to provide customers with a special export and import service. Cargo is collected directly from or delivered directly to the customer's warehouse, meaning it no longer has to be handled at the airline's own facility. Customers benefit from significantly shorter process times as a result.

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