Bed Bugs Booking Service

Bed Bugs Booking Service

Detection Dogs from FRA’s Bed Bugs Team sniff out little stowaways

The Bed Bugs team at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has been offering a special service to avoid unwelcome pests in tourist travel.

If you booked this special service, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the mobile phone number of the responsible Bed Bugs Team service employee. A member of this team goes straight to the baggage claim and searches the suitcases on-site.

The specially trained dogs will sniff out the unwelcome stowaways on the spot. Tracking down the little bloodsuckers is no problem for the specially trained dogs with their keen sense of smell. Thus, passengers at FRA have the option to get their own baggage checked thoroughly before potentially carrying bed bugs into their own home.

If a dog does indicate that there are bed bugs, there is an option to hire a pest controller based at the airport who will then get rid of the bugs. In this way, passengers can save themselves a lot of hassle with these unwanted souvenirs. You can book this service in advance by sending a short e-mail to The booking should take place up to three days before the return flight, including the following details: name, flight number, date and time of arrival at Frankfurt Airport.

Why do we offer this special service?
The increasing rate of bedbugs’ infestations has become a global problem over the past years. Those nocturnal and shady insects are spread passively which makes the accurate treatment an even more difficult task. Those little stowaways prefer to settle down in dark places which in turn means that there is high potential that travelers carry them in their luggage or bags. Once they have settled into one’s luggage it is very difficult to get rid of them as it is very hard to see them with the naked eye. A bedbug infestation can happen to anyone irrespective of one’s hygiene or the furniture’s value.