Passport Forgotten or Expired? The Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport Are There to Help

Passport Forgotten or Expired? The Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport Are There to Help

Your suitcases are packed, your tickets are ready and you can't wait for your vacation to get started. However, when you get to the airport, you realize that your passport has expired or you have left it at home. But this mishap does not necessarily mean you have to cancel your trip.

In many cases, the Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport can issue German passengers with an emergency passport. This travel document is recognized by all member states of the European Union in addition to Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and San Marino and permits the holder to enter the country for tourist purposes. Canada, South Korea, the Maldives, Montenegro, Nigeria, Switzerland, Serbia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia also accept the emergency passport together with a German passport that has an expiry date within the last year. For the replacement documents to be issued, passengers must present another official form of identification such as an expired passport, an ID card or a birth certificate. Please allow sufficient time for the documents to be issued; the emergency passport costs €8. 

Passengers of other nationalities can also be provided with assistance: EU citizens, nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, as well as their family members entitled to freedom of movement, who are permitted to live and work in an EU country, can apply for an emergency passport for a fee of €25. This also applies to third-country nationals who are granted a permanent right of residence in Germany or another EU member state, within the EEA or in Switzerland.

Entry to certain countries for tourist purposes might also be permitted with a valid ID card or a passport that has expired within the last year. You can find a detailed list of these countries for German nationals here (in German).

Binding information on entry requirements can normally be obtained only through the diplomatic missions of the respective destination country. We therefore advise all passengers to familiarize themselves with the entry requirements when planning their vacations and to check that their passports and visas are in date. You can find an overview of all the countries that recognize emergency passports issued in Germany on the Federal Police website (in German).

At Frankfurt Airport, the Federal Police are located in Terminal 1, Concourse A, and in the offices in the transit area. Passengers and visitors can find further details about the wide range of services at Frankfurt Airport on the airport website, in the Service Shop and on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.