Pack, Repack, Fly

Pack, and Repack

Numerous repacking stations and expert tips facilitate traveling from FRA

The airport’s operator, Fraport AG, is firmly committed to meeting travelers’ individual needs and wishes, as expressed by the slogan “Gute Reise! We make it happen”.

So you left your powerbank in your suitcase, your heavy sweater is still in your handbag and you have no idea where to put the book you want to read during the flight? Or your bags are simply over the weight limit at check-in? There are many reasons why travelers may have to repack their bags at the airport. But instead of spreading their contents out on the floor for everyone to see, now you can take advantage of four repacking stations that were recently installed in the terminals. Each table has shelves at different heights and a bench to sit on so you can comfortably and discreetly sort your stuff. If you’re unsure about the weight, there’s also a free scale you can use before taking your bags to the counter.

Departing passengers can also use a total of eleven convenient preparation stations just before the security checkpoints to go through their carry-on items, organize everything to comply with the aviation security rules, and dispose of liquids and other prohibited items. Each station consists of a table and color-coded receptacles for dropping different kinds of items into, for instance liquids.

Pack without panicking: “pack-hacks” for a relaxed journey

  • Before heading for the airport, departing passengers should first get information on their airline’s baggage rules to avoid unpleasant surprises and extra fees.
  • Objects containing lithium batteries – such as mobile phones, cameras, e-cigarettes and powerbanks – belong in your carry-on items or pockets, not in checked luggage.
  • Liquids, even if they don’t exceed the 100-millimeter allowance, as well as electronic devices must be taken out and separately shown at the security checks.

To speed up the process, it is a good idea to pack these objects so you can quickly get them out and place them on the conveyor belt. All permitted liquids must be put inside a single reclosable transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one liter. The individual containers may not have a capacity of more than 100 millimeters.

  • What is a liquid? According to international aviation standards, this term includes: aerosols, gels, paste, lotions, foams, creams, jellies, mixtures of liquids and solids, and all other articles of a similar consistency. Mascara belongs in the plastic bag for liquids or in your suitcase; face powder can stay in your purse.

An explanatory video and additional information on items that may not be carried into the aircraft cabin can be viewed at: Answers to all other questions concerning hand luggage can be searched for at

The airport’s operator, Fraport AG, is firmly committed to meeting travelers’ individual needs and wishes, as expressed by the slogan “Gute Reise! We make it happen”. Fraport therefore works incessantly to introduce a steady stream of new services and facilities to continue improving the customer experience at Germany’s largest airport.

Passengers and visitors can find details of the wide range of services available at Frankfurt Airport on the airport website, in the Service Shop, and on the airport’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Where to find the Repacking Stations:

Terminal 1

Check-in Hall A on Level 2, Entrance 1
Check-in Hall B on Level 2, Entrance 5
Check-in Hall C on Level 2, Entrance 8

Terminal 2
Check-in Hall E on Level 2, Entrance 9

Where to find the Preparation Stations:

Terminal 1
Security check in Pier A, Level 2
Security check in Pier A, Level 3
Security check in Pier B West, Level 2
Security check in Pier B East, Level 2
Security check in Pier C/D West, Level 2

Terminal 2
Security Check D/E, Level 2
Security Check D1-D4, Level 3
Security Check D5-D8, Level 3
Security Check E2-E5,  Level 3
Security Check E6-E9, Level 3