New “eParking” Product at FRA

New “eParking” Product at FRA

Advance booking now also available for electric vehicle parking

Those who travel to the airport by car know to appreciate a reserved parking space. This applies in particular to drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) who need their car to be charged up when they return from a vacation or business trip. Thanks to Frankfurt Airport’s new "eParking" product, an advance booking function is now also available for electric vehicle parking. The offer includes a reserved EV parking space, plus free battery charging.

Parking spaces for electric vehicles have been available at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) since 2010. There are a total of 64 parking spaces equipped with charging stations in the parking structures of FRA’s two terminals – and the majority of them can now be booked in advance. Slightly higher fees apply for “eParking” than for using an EV parking space without advance booking. In turn, the new product offers the advantage of a reserved parking space and free battery charging up to 11 kW.

Depending on availability, “eParking” spaces can be pre-booked from nine months up to one day before departure. A maximum fee of €35 per day applies, with each additional hour costing €6. The price for seven days of “eParking” is €175. Dedicated “eParking” spaces are available at both terminals of Frankfurt Airport: at Terminal 1, they are located in parking row 126 and can be accessed via parking structure P4; at Terminal 2, they can be found in parking row U423 (access is via parking structure P8). The “eParking” spaces are clearly signposted in both terminals.

There are of course still EV parking spaces within FRA’s parking structures that travelers and visitors can access spontaneously. However, charging the battery for free is limited to 3.7 kW here, and there is no guarantee of a space at one of the charging stations. EV parking spaces without pre-booking are available at Terminal 1, parking row 1406, and at Terminal 2, parking row U323.

Passengers and visitors can find out more about the wide range of services at Frankfurt Airport, including all parking options, on the airport’s website, at the Service Shop, and via the airport’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.