Your Favorite Parking Space Guaranteed!

Favorite Parking Space

It’s now possible to book and reserve the most convenient parking at Frankfurt Airport in advance!

These extra-wide business parking spaces are located in bays 221 to 224 very close to Terminal 1.

These parking spaces ensure a very short walk to the check-in counters. Even better, they can be booked not only by business travelers but by anyone who flies often or would like to save time or treat themselves to a little extra comfort and convenience.

You drive in and out using a QR code, eliminating the need to find and use a pay machine. Spaces can be booked for between one and 29 days, and you can reserve one anytime between nine months and 24 hours before flying. The minimum price is the cost of one day, namely 32 euros. Extra hours are charged at the rate of six euros each up to a maximum of 32 euros per day. It therefore costs 160 euros to park for seven days. There are no additional fees for making reservations. The prepayment may be made by credit card or PayPal.

Passengers and visitors can find more information on the many services offered at Frankfurt Airport on the airport website, in the Service Shop, and on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media pages.