Ten free Services

Ten free Services

Services at Frankfurt Airport that every traveler should know about

Still have time left until your flight leaves? There are many free services that can greatly enhance your stay at Frankfurt Airport.

Some facilities are publicly accessible, while others are located behind the security checkpoints. In the following, we present 10 highlights that don’t cost anything and might be just what you need or would greatly enjoy.

1.    Work with a panoramic view:
Many business travelers want to utilize the time until boarding to revise a presentation or check their email on their laptops. State-of-the-art Work&Connect areas have all they need to do exactly that. Passengers can use the free Wi-Fi at Frankfurt Airport to surf the Internet while charging their electronic devices and enjoying a magnificent view of the apron.
You can find these dedicated work areas at almost all of the gates in Terminals 1 and 2.

2.    Salute the sun in a yoga room:
If you’ve exhausted yourself packing your bags and getting to the airport, you can recharge your batteries by practicing yoga here before a long flight. The rooms are open for use any time of the day or night without registering, and they include yoga mats. A monitor screen shows instructional videos on yoga exercises.
There are two yoga rooms: one in Terminal 1 near Gates C14-C16 and the other close to Gates D1-D4.

3.    Relax to the sounds of music in a Silent Chair:
If yoga isn’t your thing but you do need to get away from all the hustle and bustle for a while, head for a Silent Chair. Its arched backrest and acoustically insulating lateral glass panes create a quiet bubble in the middle of the terminal. Each of these innovative pieces of furniture is equipped with an integrated speaker, a small table, USB ports and power sockets. So take a seat, lean back and relax while listening to your favorite music!
You’ll find Silent Chairs in Terminal 1 in Pier A near Gate A58, Pier B at B23 and Pier Z at Gate Z58. In Terminal 2 they are available in Pier D at Gate D4 and Pier E at Gate D5.

4.    Get centered in the Quiet Room:
There’s a place at Frankfurt Airport where you can hear a pin drop: the Quiet Room, where travelers of every worldview, culture and religion are invited to relax their minds and connect with the moment. The highlight of this white-walled room is an undulating gold-plated ceiling illuminated by lamps. The room is open 24/7.
You’ll find the “Quiet Room” in Terminal 1 on Level 3 of the transit zone in Pier Z.

5.    Watch films in a Movie World:
There are three Movie Worlds that aren’t as tranquil but nevertheless very entertaining. A wide range of movies, series and documentaries are available for every taste, whether you prefer House, M.D., Bridget Jones’s Baby or Through the Wormhole. It’s almost like relaxing in your own living room at home. Up to three persons can sit together comfortably in each shielded viewing area. Featured programs can be started at any time. You can listen to the sound track by plugging in your own headphones or ear pods, or else via integrated speakers.
The Movie Worlds are located in the transit zones of Terminal 1 in Pier A on Level 2 near Gate A58, Pier Z on Level 3 near Gate Z58, and Pier B on Level 2 near Gate B42.

6.    Race cars in a Gaming World:
Two Gaming Worlds promise even more action with the latest games for the Microsoft Xbox One console. You can choose between interactive games on monitor screens and computer-assisted games. Two passengers can race cars against one another or exhaust themselves gyrating in a dancing game before embarking on a long flight. There’s plenty of fun and amusement here for the whole family!
The Gaming Worlds are in the transit zones of Terminal 1 in Pier A on Level 2 opposite Gate A53 and in Pier Z on Level 3 at Gate A54.

7.    Marvel at an over 21-meter-wide video wall at the Entertainment Gate:
In case you’ve always wanted to know what happens behind the scenes at a major airport or what it’s like in Tokyo, you really should schedule some extra time for a stop at the Entertainment Gate. Film sequences dealing with the airport and a variety of fascinating destinations are shown there on an LED video wall 21 meters wide and 1.6 meters tall. Spanning a 180-degree semicircle and featuring numerous technological highlights, there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world.
You can find the Entertainment Gate in the transit zone of Terminal 1 between Gates B42 and B47.

8.    Borrow a stroller and avoid stress:
If you’re the parent of a small child, you probably know how unpleasant it can get at the airport when excitement about the trip makes them tired and cranky. So you’ll be relieved to learn that you can borrow a stroller free of charge in either terminal and push junior straight to the gate without losing your peace of mind. The available strollers are suitable for children six months and older up to a maximum body weight of 15 kilos. Afterward you can simply leave them at the gate for airport staff to collect.
You can borrow a stroller in the publicly accessible part of Terminal 1 at the Service Point or Information Counter 10. In Terminal 2, they are available at the Service Point in the publicly accessible area between Concourses D and E.

Let your child romp in a play area:
It can be hard for many kids to sit still during a long flight. It’s therefore an excellent idea to let them burn off their excess energy by climbing, running or playing with other children in one of the play areas in the terminals. These facilities are an important place for families to head to at the airport.
You’ll find play areas in Terminal 1 near Gates A50, B22, C16, Z24 and Z50 and in Terminal 2 close to Gates D21, D1 and E4 as well as in the publicly accessible area between Concourses D and E.

10.  Use “intermodal displays” for your onward journey:
Passengers who have just landed in Frankfurt and airport visitors can get important information on bus and train connections and available car and bicycle sharing capacities from “intermodal displays”. If you’ll be driving, you can also find out about the current traffic situation. Travel connections are shown in German and English.
There are intermodal displays in the A, B and C arrival areas of Terminal 1 and in arrival area D of Terminal 2.

The airport’s operator, Fraport, coined the slogan “Gute Reise! We make it happen” to stress its consistent focus on serving passengers and meeting their wishes and needs. Fraport is committed to regularly introducing new services and facilities to improve the customer experience at Germany’s foremost transportation hub. More information on the many services offered at Frankfurt Airport is available to passengers and visitors on the airport website, in the Service Shop, and on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media channels, social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.