Cosmetics for the Face and Eyes

The special beauty products of the “Talika Paris Depuis 1948” brand were originally developed for everyday care of the face and eyes in order to ensure fresh, beautiful skin.

For eyebrows, eyelashes, or decollete: the Talika range of cosmetics includes products for the eyes, face, and body that keep the skin youthful and firm. The tissues of sensitive areas are systematically toned by adding moisture, collagen, and hyaluronan for intensive care and restoration of the upper skin layers. These unique bodycare products for day and night, from gels across mascaras to anti-aging masks that celebrities swear by, are easy to use, rapidly penetrate the skin, and also have a relaxing effect with their appealing fragrance.

Since 1948, Talika has been deriving inspiration for its cosmetic products from natural biological mechanisms that maintain and restore the physiological balance which is essential for healthy skin. Their main natural ingredients foster and harmoniously optimize cellular functions. The effectiveness of Talika products has been confirmed by comprehensive clinical tests.

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