TUMI & Longchamp

TUMI & Longchamp

TUMI-Longchamp re-opens its doors after three weeks of renovation

The store’s product range still includes popular brands like TUMI and Longchamp and can be found at Terminal 1, in the A-Schengen Atrium area.

One distinct feature of the store, is the different combination of light as the shades of light correspond to the respective brand and product. Longchamp products are represented in warmer shades of light whereas TUMI products are displayed in cooler shades- which is typical for the simple assortment of TUMI. 

A new furniture concept has been established for both brands and the whole lighting arrangement has been rebuild, causing the store to be more appealing.

Opening hours:                           daily, 05:30 a.m. to 21:30 p.m.
Telephone:                                   069 690-27690
Email:                                           store.frankfurt.airport.T1.TL@samsonite.com