Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Activities and business hours during the Christmas holidays

If you need to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, we can’t imagine a better place than Frankfurt Airport! About half of the stores are conveniently located in the publicly accessible areas where you can take your time looking for appropriate gifts even if you haven’t purchased an airline ticket. Everything is open daily, including Sundays.

Sunday Shopping on December 23
We’ll also be there for you on the Sunday before Christmas Eve, and after 12 noon there will even be live music in the festively adorned halls of Terminal 1. You can also look over the shoulder of artist and calligrapher Christine Brunella while she hand-decorates Christmas tree ball ornaments. The activities will take place before the security checkpoints in Terminal 1 (in the Shopping Avenue and Shopping Boulevard malls).

If you’re looking for gifts:
It’s worthwhile to check out the online offering of some of the shops in the publicly accessible parts of the airport before heading to them. Pfüller Kidskonzept, Germany’s Best (electronics and health products), Porsche Design and Samsonite, for example, are showcasing a selection of their bestselling items in the Frankfurt Airport Online Shop. Faix Toys (toys and games) and the Airport Shop (airport souvenirs) can also be visited without a boarding pass to hunt for gifts.

Passengers can also get inspiration in our Online Christmas Shop, which carries exclusive duty-free travel editions and much more. When travelling via Frankfurt Airport, you can look forward to singing angels, shopping coupons, and lots of great promotions throughout the Christmas season!